You Are Right Where You Should Be

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when angels are near feathers appear miracles are brewing

I found this feather at the top floor of a parking garage where there’s literally no birds. The chances of this feather falling and landing right on my path in front of my car are very slim. I couldn’t help but think it was planted right there, just for me. It’s said, “When angels are near, feathers appear.” It was a … Read More

How I Reconnected To My Intuition

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sagrada familia barcelona carly benson

I set out the other morning into the streets of beautiful Barcelona and wanted to walk the city on foot. My favorite part about traveling to new places, especially cities, is exploring. Barcelona’s streets can be like mazes in certain areas, covered in tiny streets that are lined with massive, grandiose buildings that you cannot see over nor can you … Read More

11 Things To Know About 11:11

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1111 meaning carly benson

You always hear people say: “It’s 11:11, make a wish.” It’s supposed to be a good luck omen, but I believe 1111 goes beyond good luck. This number sequence started showing up in my life about two years ago right before some new beginnings were brewing and soon surfaced. I started seeing it on clocks, receipts, license plates and various … Read More

The Domino Effect Of Sobriety

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panama monkey carly benson

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on a rooftop overlooking the entire Panama skyline while doing a coaching call with one of my clients and I had to take a moment after the call just to be thankful. I feel so blessed to be able to travel the world and work from wherever I am. It made me realize that my … Read More

Things Are Not Always As They Seem

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naples fl beach

A couple weeks ago during prayer I heard a message that said: Things are not always as they seem. I couldn’t pin point what it was in reference to until I went for a long walk on the beach the other day. I’ve been coming to the same beach for half my life. I’ve done this walk hundreds of times. … Read More

Our Thoughts Lead Our Lives

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sky, horizon

Sometimes I write in the moment when I’m feeling inspired. The following is an excerpt from my iPhone notes from last February that I just stumbled upon. I think I was traveling to NYC and this came over me – a raw and unedited stream of consciousness about how our thoughts lead our lives. As I peer out of the … Read More

30 Things Happy People Believe

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happy people carly benson jumping for joy

Miracles Brewers I have some exciting news! At the beginning of the year, a goal was set to branch out, spread the wings and send some writing off to other sites for exposure as well as to grow as a writer. One of my very favorite sites for fun, eloquent and extremely authentic article reading is Thought Catalog. It is … Read More

It All Starts With A Vision

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have a vision

It all starts with a vision. Having a vision is a fundamental key to happiness. If you want the best, you must be willing to let go of the average. You cannot grab a hold of better if both your hands are holding on to good enough. The best does not exist in mediocrity. With that, bare minimum will never produce … Read More

What If Faith Is The Answer

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universe faith god

So often I get approached by people looking for answers or advice about many things. It seems like a subject that continues to arise is faith. People always ask me how I got the faith that I have and so openly talk about. Especially after the post from last week, I got a lot of people asking me to dive … Read More