It All Starts With A Vision

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have a vision

It all starts with a vision. Having a vision is a fundamental key to happiness.

If you want the best, you must be willing to let go of the average.

You cannot grab a hold of better if both your hands are holding on to good enough.

The best does not exist in mediocrity.

With that, bare minimum will never produce a dream. It only happens by reaching, stretching and by having the irrefutable mindset of not settling.

The best happens to those few who hold themselves accountable for the sole responsibility of their vision of the future, not allowing anything or anyone who is not aligned with the vision to get in their way.

Those strong few who are willing to walk away from everything that does not serve them, who are able to keep working hard never losing heart while having an unbreakable faith, those are the ones who hold and carry out their vision.

A strong vision comes with a duty of protection and loyalty requirement that is unmatched. The best is not a place nor destination for the weak. It takes a high level of boldness and courage, which is often only found inside those who are cut from a fine cloth of fierceness.

The vision must be stronger than any desire of this world. It comes from inside of you and the world would offer up valiant efforts to erase, destroy or change that vision with the use of outside influences. The thing is, if you are willing to guard what is on the inside at all costs for the sake of making the vision into a reality – that’s how BEST happens.

The best can only occur after everything else has been abandoned, endured and sacrificed with the underlying determination of a vision that has been set on fire to culminate.

Ultimately, the best can only happen as a result of fighting to keep the original vision genuine. A vision that remains authentic and untainted has the ability to pull you forward through the ranks of bare minimum, good enough, average and mediocre to meet your best you at the finish line.

That kind of vision is powerful.

It is undeniable.

A vision of that kind breeds momentum.

That kind of vision, when it wants to meet its day, serves up a relentless attitude to its owner. The kind of attitude that puts in-check emotions, which have no intellect. They have no business in any decision-making transaction. The vision supersedes emotion.

A vision placed into your heart from God is the basis of all universal pull. Some people refer to it as finding purpose or God given ability, while instead it could be suggested to look at it as a Godly granted vision. One that is so strong and full of love and grace that it transcends confusion or doubt.

And, in my opinion, a solid, foundational vision such as this is the only true catalyst for attaining the best.

So, what is your vision?  What does the BEST look like for you?

It all starts with a vision.

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