11 Lessons The Storms Of Life Teach Us

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facing the storms of life

I watched an insanely intense and incredible sunset last night. It was absolutely breathtaking. The sun was setting as a crazy Florida storm was viciously rolling out to sea from the shore. The clouds were dark and they were fierce.

I’ve been in the eye of a storm in my own life, which I have touched on, in my last couple posts. I’ve had to take a pause and time out from some things to adjust my sails. I went to the beach for inspiration and to be silent in our creator’s artwork. As I sat there and watched this masterpiece unfold, I couldn’t help but realize the chilling resonation and parallel of this storm I was seeing and how it hit home in so many ways.

In watching this storm it helped me draw so many lessons for how this storm was a metaphor for the storms of life.

11 Lessons The Storms Of Life Teach Us

1. The sun out ran the storm.

As the clouds raced off into the horizon, just as they seemed like they would cover the sun, the sun would drop lower and outrun the storm. Simply put: The light over powered the dark. How true is this for our lives? Let us always remember that the light will always win over the dark as long as we choose to action it. In knowing this we can find rest in our darkest hours. When you are in a storm, remember the sun is still shining underneath it all waiting to peak through at you.

2. It moved in fast. And it moved out fast.

This storm moved with vengeance. The clouds raced over my head at speeds I’ve never seen before. Life happens quickly and so do its storms. While we may feel like we are in one forever, we can be sure it is on the move and the sun will shine again. Just as quickly as it moves into our lives, we can be certain that it will also move out quickly once it has shifted what it needs to.

3. There was a silver lining in the clouds.

You can vaguely see it in the picture, but I saw it in full effect with my eyes. I was reminded that every storm and every circumstance always has a silver lining. A lesson to be learned. A new perspective to be gained. There is always a good in goodbye and an if in life. It is our job to find optimism and to focus on the bright side of a messy situation. The silver lining is the juicy part. It holds our peace.

4. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. I could have chosen to see the storm and run from it. Or think of how nasty it looked. But instead I chose to run towards it. To see it through. To stand in its beauty and watch as nature had it’s way. Sometimes in life we have to stand still in the eye of a storm and flow with it instead of trying to go against it.

5. It gave so much color to the normal sunset.

Even though it was dark and covered the sky, this storm brought definition and intensity to every corner of the horizon. It graced the sky with character and colored it in ways a normal sunset couldn’t. Let the storms of life fill you with color even when you feel depleted. Know that it is there to build your character and bring more color into your life when it’s over.

6. It left everyone around it in awe.

Everyone one at the beach couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Everyone was soaking it in and being with it. We allowed it to be beautiful instead of being upset that a storm was raining on our sunset parade. Allow the storms of life to astonish you. They may feel yucky and painful, but remember they are teaching you and showing you that you are alive. We’re meant to feel their intensity. Relish in the beauty of how raw it makes you. Not only that but remember that everyone experiences a storm at least once in their life. Be in wonderment and know that you are not alone.

7. We were all worried it would rain. It never did.

We kept moving closer to our cars. Some were putting on ponchos. Others were standing under trees. We worried through the whole experience. It never rained on us, not until after the sun set. How many times in life do we worry and make ourselves sick about things that never actually happen? When we are in a storm it is so important not to add worry on top of it. Just let it be. Let it happen. It’s okay to be scared, but don’t let it keep you from the magnificence of life change that is seeking to occur.

8. The storm speaks to you in ways the sun cannot.

I was looking for inspiration and clarity when I arrived at the beach. And I was met with this incredible artwork from God that spoke so loudly to me. The power of the storm stirred so much inside of me that I would never have felt in an average sunset. What this tells me is that the storms of life are messengers sent to shake us, rattle us and shift us in ways that only a storm can. Greet them with strength yet flexibility. Let the message be delivered.

9. There is always a calm after the storm and all returns to peace.

Sure it rained eventually. The thunder roared and the water came down with force. But when it was finished, the sky returned to normal and the quietness that followed brought a sense of calmness with it. It was over and Mother Nature knew it did what it needed to. Rest assured that storms have the ability to bring such a sense of peace and calmness with them once they have completed their work in your life. Wait for the calmness. It always returns.

10. The storm brings nourishment.

When it rains, the earth is nourished. All living things need water to survive and flourish. Don’t be afraid of getting wet. We can only obtain the richness of nourishment by getting wet. In fact, there is a famous quote: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in rain.” Get wet. Dance in the storm. Let it fill you with what your journey needs when it’s there. You’re growing and stretching, which is the only way real transformation happens. That is why the storm comes – to bring nourishment to your soul.

11. The storm turns our eyes to the creator of life.

God’s artwork was on fire last night in the sky. It reminded me that when a storm comes, it is his doing. And just as he allows the storm to brew, he also calms the seas. He is the Prince of Peace. Let us never forget when we are in a trial that when we turn our attention to being his masterpiece, we can find peace in knowing that he would never allow anything we couldn’t handle. He uses storms to refine us and cleanse us in movement towards our greater good. Look for the stillness. Focus your eyes on God. Pray, a lot. He wants our attention and if we are willing to let him show us the way, he’ll bring restoration with sunshine, rainbows and clear skies. God performs His greatest miracles through storms and this is when we learn the meaning of what having true faith looks like. The storm my seem bigger than you, but God is bigger than the storm.

I do not make light of the storms of life or write this in an insensitive tone to take away the sorrow, sadness or hurt they can often contain. I have been through them and have been weathering my own lately. I know how they can seem and how painful they can be. The suffering and darkness can feel never-ending. If you are in a storm, please know that you are not alone. In your darkest hours, God is with you. I’m with you. We are all with you. Look for the lessons of the storm and remember this…

“Once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you survived. You won’t even be sure whether the storm is really over. But one thing that is certain, when you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what the storm is about.” -Haruki Murakami

Storms and miracles are brewing. I hope this message serves you. Namaste.