Dec 17

Accepting Our Assignments In Life

accepting your mission in life

We live in a society that is driven by the white picket fence, fairytale, happy-ever-after mentality that is painted in movies, books and across media. The reality of this is that it’s not always meant to be happily ever after. We meet people and enter into relationships for love or business and we immediately begin …

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Dec 10

12 Concepts For Accepting Chaos

accepting chaos wynnwood miami graffiti carly benson

Chaos is defined as disorder, confusion and unpredictability. Throughout our lives, we will be met with patches of chaos and challenge that will shift our paths and cause us to re-evaluate, help us define who we are and ultimately play the lead in our evolution. There have been many times in my own life where …

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Dec 03

Accepting Grace

accepting grace, pacific beach sunset

When I think about grace it is hard to give it a blanket definition. The more I’ve learned about all the ways grace shows up in life, I’m also still learning how to accept grace in it’s many forms. It got me thinking about what grace is to me. I asked myself what it looks …

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Nov 26

How To Practice More Thanks Giving

thanksgiving carly benson

“Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.”  -W.J. Cameron I saw this quote the other day and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Every year we gear up to sit around a feast with our loved ones. We get excited about the food, having days off from work, relaxing, indulging in a food …

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Nov 19

10 Truths About Accepting Life

accepting life

I saw a quote the other day that spoke so loudly to me. It said: “You only see what your eyes want to see.” The reason this resonated with me is because in my journey of life and sobriety, I can remember so many times that I didn’t accept life as it was happening in …

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Nov 11

Accepting The Present Moment

accepting the present moment

I’ve been talking a lot about sobriety and more particularly practices to foster success in recovery, but these practices of acceptance, surrender and awareness are also applicable for anyone who needs to work through a challenge or has a desire to bring about significant life change. Perhaps you aren’t sober or working to be, but …

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Oct 29

Accepting The Past

accepting the past carly benson

One of the biggest hurdles for me entering into sobriety was accepting that I had a problem. It was so hard to face the music, swallow my pride and admit that my drinking and drugging was not normal. I had to accept that I couldn’t do moderation, I needed help and that I needed to …

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Oct 22

Sobriety Requires Surrender

sobriety surrender

Sweet, sober surrender. It’s a constant process. It’s a consistent tug on the pride strings. It takes courage.  I give things up to God, my higher power, on the regular, and then I catch myself taking them right back. One of the hardest parts of sobriety is admitting, “I don’t got this.” Surrendering to the …

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Oct 15

Sobriety is a Lifestyle

sobriety is a lifestyle carly benson

If you or anyone you know has struggled with alcoholism or addiction, my guess is that moderation, or lack thereof, is the basis for those struggles. For me, I couldn’t just have a couple drinks and call it a night. It was always balls to the wall, nights that turned into sunrise, the whole bottle …

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Oct 08

Sobriety And Fear Of Missing Out

sobriety and fear of missing out

One of the hardest things I remember about giving up the party scene was a constant fear of missing out by not going out or being there. Sobriety and fear of missing out often go hand in hand. “What if something fun happens that I miss?” “What if they have fun without me?” “I’m so …

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Sep 30

Sobriety Begins With Awareness

advice on going sober awareness

I have a lot of people that approach me about going sober and I’ve also noticed a lot of people in my circles of friends who want to give it a try for 30-60-90 days. It seems to be a reoccurring theme so I decided to write more pieces with advice for going sober to …

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Sep 23

Overcoming Shame and Guilt

overcoming shame and guilt

I recently completed training to become a Certified Christian Life Coach. I’m going through the certification process and have already started working with a few clients on faith and spiritual development as well as sobriety mentoring. An area of study that I’ve personally spent a lot of time on is overcoming shame and guilt. This …

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