Aug 26

11 Lessons The Storms Of Life Teach Us

facing the storms of life

I watched an insanely intense and incredible sunset last night. It was absolutely breathtaking. The sun was setting as a crazy Florida storm was viciously rolling out to sea from the shore. The clouds were dark and they were fierce. I’ve been in the eye of a storm in my own life, which I have …

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Aug 19

Celebrating Sobriety

carly benson sobriety

This week I celebrated seven years of sobriety from alcohol and cocaine. On 8/17/2008 something shifted in me and I decided I didn’t want to live that way anymore. And that was it – by the grace of God, sobriety became my new normal. All I can say is that if you want something for yourself, …

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Aug 12

Pressing The Pause Button

taking a break carly benson

My plan was to put out some epic post this week in honor of my soberversary on Monday. As I sat in a bubble bath tonight, I contemplated not writing at all or doing it tomorrow or this weekend. But then I decided to just be real with you. The only epic I’m feeling lately …

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Aug 05

How To Get Started With Sobriety

sobriety coach carly benson

Understanding how to get started with sobriety takes geniune perspective along with willingness to begin. It also requires brutal honesty with oneself and support from our loved ones to allow the process to happen naturally and organically. We cannot teach someone something they are not ready to learn. We cannot experience it for them. People must …

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Jul 29

Your Tribe Affects Your Vibe

your tribe affects your vibe carly benson

I was recently tagged in a video dancing at a pool party and while it was all in good, sober fun for me, it was brought to my attention by several people that it didn’t seem too fitting for the lifestyle I write and speak about. I’m all about demonstrating that you can still have …

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Jul 22

Home Is Not A Place It’s A Feeling

home is not a place its a feeling

If you follow along on my Instagram, you know that I travel quite a bit. Living the suitcase life really makes you have an appreciation for home. Or at least the moments that feel like it. Recently in my travels I started to realize that home is not a place, it’s a feeling. And that …

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Jul 15

The Moment You Know You Are Ready For Something New

carly benson moments of clarity

The moment you know you are ready for something new is pivotal. It’s loud. It’s undeniable. You may hear a whisper about it for a while but eventually it turns into a scream. Sometimes it feels like time freezes briefly as your soul is shaken or cradled. Other times it just becomes an unwavering certainty. …

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Jul 08

Everything Is Temporary

everything is temporary

The other day during a prayer meditation, I was reminded that everything is temporary. Everything. Then I saw this quote a few hours later, reconfirming the message I received during my meditation. “Everything is temporary; Emotions, thoughts, people and scenery. Do not get attached, just flow with it.” When we really think about it, the …

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Jul 01

3 Yoga Practices To Implement In Life

yoga practices for life

Last week I talked about how yoga is a metaphor for life and what I learned from the Baptiste yoga retreat I recently completed. As I continue to reflect, I’ve been struck with a few more revelations about what yoga, in general, has taught me about life. Whether you have practiced yoga or not, I …

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Jun 25

8 Things I Learned in 8 Days

be a yes

As I am integrating back into reality after my Baptiste training in Sedona, Arizona, last week, I’ve been overwhelmed with thoughts, emotions and a real sense of accomplishment. There were so many breakthroughs and ah-ha moments. I’m left with transformation and insight that I could write on for days, and I fully intend to by …

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Jun 10

The Importance Of Having A Vision


This weekend I embark on a new journey. Several months ago I was given a vision of studying yoga on a deeper level by enrolling in teacher training. At first, it was a small tug on my heart, but it became louder and the vision around it became more vivid. I began having daydreams and …

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Jun 03

The Best Thing About Sobriety

interview carly benson sexy sobriety

In my recent interview with Sexy Sobriety, we dove head first into my past relationship with alcohol and drugs, what caused me to quit, how I sustained my sobriety and what my lifestyle looks like on the other side of the bottle. Besides all of the benefits we discussed throughout the conversations, I was asked, …

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