Oct 22

Sobriety Requires Surrender

sobriety surrender

Sweet, sober surrender. It’s a constant process. It’s a consistent tug on the pride strings. It takes courage.  I give things up to God, my higher power, on the regular, and then I catch myself taking them right back. One of the hardest parts of sobriety is admitting, “I don’t got this.” Surrendering to the …

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Oct 15

Sobriety is a Lifestyle

sobriety is a lifestyle carly benson

If you or anyone you know has struggled with alcoholism or addiction, my guess is that moderation, or lack thereof, is the basis for those struggles. For me, I couldn’t just have a couple drinks and call it a night. It was always balls to the wall, nights that turned into sunrise, the whole bottle …

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Oct 08

Sobriety And Fear Of Missing Out

sobriety and fear of missing out

One of the hardest things I remember about giving up the party scene was a constant fear of missing out by not going out or being there. Sobriety and fear of missing out often go hand in hand. “What if something fun happens that I miss?” “What if they have fun without me?” “I’m so …

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Sep 30

Sobriety Begins With Awareness

advice on going sober awareness

I have a lot of people that approach me about going sober and I’ve also noticed a lot of people in my circles of friends who want to give it a try for 30-60-90 days. It seems to be a reoccurring theme so I decided to write more pieces with advice for going sober to …

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Sep 23

Overcoming Shame and Guilt

overcoming shame and guilt

I recently completed training to become a Certified Christian Life Coach. I’m going through the certification process and have already started working with a few clients on faith and spiritual development as well as sobriety mentoring. An area of study that I’ve personally spent a lot of time on is overcoming shame and guilt. This …

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Sep 16

Self Love Is The Beginning of All Love

Carly Benson self love naples pier

Throughout my spiritual journey of finding God and living in sobriety, I’ve been presented with deep life lessons along the way. I’m convinced that life is a never-ending process of refinement, shaping, molding and transforming. A process within that process is learning what it means to love yourself, accept who you are and begin to …

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Sep 09

5 Realities Of Taking Action

carly benson colosseum rome

I have been staring at a blank page for days, knowing that I need to write, but feeling somewhat paralyzed to move my fingers. I stopped taking action. I stopped writing on a consistent basis. I just completed training to be a certified life coach coupled with a hectic yet blessed travel schedule, which are …

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Aug 25

33 Things Sobriety Taught Me To Be Thankful For

carly benson yoga handstand cabo

Significant life change starts with a simple change of perspective and is sustained through the practice of unconditional gratitude.  -Carly Benson I just got back from an amazing trip to Cabo San Lucas, where I was celebrating my commitment to major life change, exercising constant courage and the anniversary of my retirement from a deep-seeded …

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Aug 12

4 Tips To Successfully Break A Habit

the dome tea room edinburgh scotland

Today marks exactly 30 days off coffee for me. Surprisingly the first 10 days were easier than the last couple of weeks. It really got me to thinking about how we are such creatures of habit. I began to examine what worked for me in breaking this habit of coffee drinking, which, for anyone that …

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Jul 30

6 Lessons For Handling Stress

carly benson handling stress yoga

I’m coming off of a pretty challenging and frustrating week. I didn’t have any thing particularly bad happen, it was more a series of tiny events that just seemed to keep piling on top of me. I had a cold, my sciatica was acting up and from there it just seemed like everything was a …

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Jul 22

Emotional Acceptance: The Positive Side of Negative Emotion

emotional acceptance

We are all wired with the same set of emotions. Some show theirs better than others. We are hard wired to feel, no matter what we do in this life to try not to feel things; we ultimately are made to feel. When we learn how to have emotional acceptance we begin to see the …

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Jul 17

A Healthy Habit For Happiness


Knowing what you want in life is the first step towards reaching what happiness looks like to you. When we learn to say yes when we mean yes and no when we mean no, we begin to build our lives based on our non-negotiables. Giving clarity to what we are willing to compromise on and …

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