May 20

4 Tips For Getting Unstuck

tips for getting unstuck

I’ve been stuck in a little bit of rut lately. I know you’re probably thinking how? Because I just wrote about an awesome trip to Panama. While I’m making the best of enjoying life, I’ve been having ongoing pain in my hips. This has been a constant struggle the last few weeks, which has caused …

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May 13

The Domino Effect Of Sobriety

panama monkey carly benson

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on a rooftop overlooking the entire Panama skyline while doing a coaching call with one of my clients and I had to take a moment after the call just to be thankful. I feel so blessed to be able to travel the world and work from wherever I am. It …

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May 06

What To Do When You Feel The Blues

Do you ever have those days or weeks or moments where you just find yourself saying, and please excuse my French, f#ck everything? I had one of those days recently. Everything and everyone was getting on my last nerve. Nothing in particular was wrong, I just felt down. I felt a little depressed, I channeled …

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Apr 29

Doubt Is An Invitation

I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was about a week sober and I went to have lunch with a friend. As we sat down to lunch, I was telling him how I decided to go sober. I had a week under my belt and I was pumped with excitement. This was the longest …

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Apr 22

Sobriety As I Know It

sobriety as I know it carly benson

Sobriety as I know it today certainly isn’t as scary as it was almost seven years ago. After publishing a successful article on Elite Daily about what happens when we say “I’m never drinking again,” and mean it, I’ve had a lot of people reaching out wanting to know how I did it, where to …

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Apr 15

You Are Not Alone

you are not alone

  Do you ever feel alone? I know throughout my life, especially with my sobriety, there have been times when I’ve felt completely alone; not sure where to turn or what to do. When I decided to clean up my act almost seven years ago, I can remember being terrified. The feeling of being alone …

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Apr 08

Dreams Become Reality With Hard Work

dreams to reality

On April 8, 2013 I shared my first blog, publicly. I can still remember the feelings of anxiety and adrenaline running through my body that day. There is something to be said about putting yourself out there in the raw. Whether in life, business or relationships – showing your authentic self is something so powerful! …

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Apr 01

How To Make A Tough Decision

how to make a tough decision, fork in the road

I can remember as if it were yesterday. I was making a decision on if I wanted to move to Las Vegas for a new job back in 2005. I had a job in Tampa and was just getting out of a long-term relationship. I was very confused on if I should stay or if …

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Mar 26

I Believe In Miracles

  When Miracles Are Brewing started two years ago all it began with was a vision. There was a spark inside of me to write and share my experiences in sobriety, finding faith and the enlightenment I experiencing as I navigated those waters. The writing was an outlet for me to process life. They always …

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Mar 18

How To Spring Clean Your Life

spring clean your life

Last week we talked about living more from intention and less out of habit. I’ve found that one of the best ways to begin living an intention filled life is to clear out everything that weighs us down and to get rid of the junk that often defaults us into our habitual patterns or keeps …

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Mar 11

Living From Our Intentions

Living From Our Intentions

I recently stumbled upon a question packed with so much power… Am I really living from my intentions? So many of us, including myself, want to do good in the world, but sometimes we aren’t moving our goals forward which can leave us feeling stuck. One thing I’ve found helpful is to honestly revisit my intentions …

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Mar 04

What We See In Others Is A Reflection

everyone is a reflection of ourselves

Life is a delicate process of working to better ourselves. Sometimes this entails healing pieces of ourselves to allow that betterment to unfold. Other times, it means stretching ourselves into new levels by shining light and bringing forth our good qualities. Lately, I’ve been noticing how people reflect these pieces of the process back to us through …

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