Out of Office: Gone Exploring

carly benson miracles are brewing sobriety venice beach

Hello from Venice Beach! I celebrated 8 years of sobriety this week with a little beach trip to California to explore Venice, Santa Monica and Marina Del Ray. I have to be honest with you that I was having a hard time enjoying it at first because I was putting so much pressure on myself …

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25 Things I’m Grateful For In Honor of 25,000 Peeps

gratitude carly benson miracles are brewing

As the Miracles Are Brewing Facebook page hits 25,000 beautiful people today, it has been a time of reflection. I struggled with what to write about for this very humbling occasion. I thought of all the lessons I’ve learned, words I’ve read and people I’ve talked to while this tribe keeps growing. I thought about …

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When You Want To Quit Remember This

if you quit you never get to see the view from the top miracles are brewing carly benson

Yesterday I hiked Cathedral Rock in Mount Charleston. It’s a pretty steep hike with a very rocky path and the massive peak looks pretty unattainable from the parking lot. When you start out at the bottom you think getting to the top of the peak seems impossible. I kept thinking, “How in the world am …

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The Miracle of Recovery

the miracle of recovery carly benson miracles are brewing

Dearest MAB Tribe – I need your support! An article of mine was published on Addiction Unscripted, a huge resource for the recovery community, and has been chosen as a semi-finalist for a writing challenge. First place with the most votes receives $500! If you follow my story or if Miracles Are Brewing has touched you in …

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For Anyone Trying To Change Their Life

autobiography in five chapters portia nelson carly benson miracles are brewing

I remember when I was coming into sobriety how many times I said, “I’m never drinking again,” or “I’m never doing coke again,” only to be greeted with another comedown and hangover. Each time I would fall back into my bad habits, I would stand back up, bruises and all. I’d say it was because …

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Are You Creating A Life You Love?

are you creating a life you love carly benson miracles are brewing

Are You Creating A Life You Love? I’ve had to mindfully ask myself this question, very humbly and honestly, so many times throughout my adult life. Is everything I’m doing and surrounding myself with feeding my soul? Or are there things that need some massaging, changing or perhaps even a straight up massacring? One thing …

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One of My Biggest Ah-ha Moments in Early Sobriety

early sobriety carly benson miracles are brewing

I quit drinking and ended my love affair with cocaine on August 17th, 2008. Wouldn’t you know, my best friend’s birthday fell just three short weeks later on 9/11? (Yes, I know it’s not a fun date for a birthday, bless her heart) We had quite an extravaganza planned for it. There was no way …

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Let’s Give Ourselves Some Grace

give yourself some grace miracles are brewing carly benson

They always say, “We teach what we need to learn.” I was on a sobriety coaching call recently and could feel their emotions rising. We took a time out and I expressed how important it is to extend grace to ourselves. Especially when change is ripe upon us and things are moving and shifting around …

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You Are Right Where You Should Be

when angels are near feathers appear miracles are brewing

I found this feather at the top floor of a parking garage where there’s literally no birds. The chances of this feather falling and landing right on my path in front of my car are very slim. I couldn’t help but think it was planted right there, just for me. It’s said, “When angels are near, …

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Getting In Your Zone

carly benson since right now podcast get in the zone sobriety

Yesterday I did an interview with The Recovery Revolution on their Since Right Now podcast. We talked about how Miracles Are Brewing came to be. I shared how I got sober and the spiritual experience I felt as it happened, my top essentials for staying sober, how I deal with depression and anxiety as well …

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What’s In Your REAL Reel?

anxiety carly benson miracles are brewing

Yesterday I shared this picture on my Instagram and it went a little something like this: “Sigh. Yesterday I had major anxiety. Something I haven’t felt in a very long time. I wanted to run. I wanted to hide. I wanted to pull the covers over my head. And quite frankly that is what I did.  Today I’m …

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Making Now Matter

carly benson reflection gratitude miracles are brewing

I just finished up an amazing event in Scottsdale called The New Way Live and I’m buzzing with energy, ideas and inspiration. The event was for millennials who are trying to make an impact through mindful and spiritual based businesses and it offered new perspectives for freely living, courageously leading, creatively earning and consciously giving. …

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