11 Things To Know About 11:11

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You always hear people say: “It’s 11:11, make a wish.” It’s supposed to be a good luck omen, but I believe 1111 goes beyond good luck.

This number sequence started showing up in my life about two years ago right before some new beginnings were brewing and soon surfaced. I started seeing it on clocks, receipts, license plates and various places. When a number starts repeating itself in your life, you start to pay attention.

I’m a big believer that nothing happens randomly, so when we think to check our phones, the clock or to look up at something showing these numbers, something told us to do so in that moment. Not only that but, statistically speaking the probability for repeating numbers showing up or number sequences coming into your view on the regular isn’t a likely occurrence, so the fact that this happens means the stars are aligning these digits for a reason.

Repeating numbers and number sequences chained together are known as Angel Numbers. I became fascinated with the messages they contain as I began seeing other repeated numbers such as 333, 555 and 444. So, I started inquiring what the numbers meant and allowed them to offer guidance to me in their appearances. I found them to be reassuring, teachers and signs from God, the universe and angels.

I don’t claim to be an expert or a mystic of any kind, but I can tell you that these numbers do hold messages and if you let them guide you when you see them, you can learn from them. There are several websites that talk about them. My favorite is Sacred Scribes. Doreen Virtue is also another great resource.

Today is November 11th as you know, which is 11/11 in itself and wouldn’t you know that this morning at 11:11am, I happened to look at my phone. I knew immediately that not only is today a special day for us energetically, but it is also a day holding within it a new moon; all things pointing to new beginnings. Today is a container for new beginnings, transformation and moving forward in life with new intentions. After researching this topic a bit more, I give you:

11 things to know about 11:11

1. The meaning of number 1

First things first, understanding the underlying theme around the number 1 is a great place to start.

“Number 1 reminds us that we create our own realities with our thoughts, beliefs, intentions and actions. When noticing the Angel Number appearing take notice of the thoughts you had right at that moment as 1111 indicates that your thoughts and beliefs are aligned with your truths. This number signifies that an energetic gateway has opened up for you and this will rapidly manifest your thoughts into reality. The message is to choose your thoughts wisely, ensuring that they match your true desires.” – Sacred Scribes

2. 11/11/15 is also new moon

The power of 11/11 is only magnified today with the new moon also falling on the same day. The new moon signifies a new beginning and is always a time to admire the beauty of Mother Nature. New moons have always been associated with setting intentions, focusing on abundance and aligning with the cycles of life. Get outside tonight and check out the moon as you take in this information. Send your intentions and wishes to the moon and allow it’s light to bring you peace.

3. Transformation

It is said that 11:11 is literally a wake up call: A call toward your higher self. To stop playing small and to relentlessly pursue your dreams and deepest desires. It’s a call to wake up, a call to consciousness and code for activation. Is there something in your life you know you need to change? Now is the time to listen! It could be that you are about to embark on a spiritual awakening of sorts, an epiphany or major change to your perception of normal. This is a time for self-mastery and that is synonymous with transformation.

4. Dropping fears

Do NOT focus your energy on fears. Being that this is a powerful day and time for bringing thoughts to life, you want to drop your fears and let it be the death of your ego. Spend time envisioning what you truly desire and allow your fears and doubts to dissolve knowing that they do not serve you in the creation of your future. Fears and negativity don’t have a place where you are headed. So, let them go, surrender them and trust that your positive affirmations, thoughts and prayers will be much more helpful at the foundation of what you want to bring forth.

5. New beginnings

It’s time to release old hurts, pain and disappointments. Let go of old belief systems and doubts. This is an exciting time for starting a new chapter. We can only do this by releasing the old. As we do so, we make way for the beauty and blessings of new beginnings. Allow new beginnings to happen for you in this time by graciously complying with letting go of anything that may not have been letting you turn a page. This could also mean a new beginning inside of something old that simply needs to be rejuvenated like a lost love, old relationship, or business venture. There could be sparks, pushes on your heart or reoccurring thoughts that will help you move towards polishing something you may have been neglecting or had abandoned.

6. Raise your vibration

This is a time to shed what isn’t working, move to higher ground and raise your vibration. There are breakthroughs trying to happen for you and through you. If you want to bring abundance, goodness, positivity, peace, calmness, power, strength and the like into your life, you must be operating with those same frequencies. Bring your attention to areas of you that you know there is buried potential and let that surface. Follow your heart, be intuitive and let love guide you, always, but especially right now. Realign yourself with wholeness and have faith in all the newness you are experiencing.

7. Intention setting

11/11 AND a new moon! This is a HUGE opportunity to get clear on your intentions moving forward. Hold your vision and set the intentions you need to create the life of your dreams. Write them down, speak them, understand what it is that you are seeking today and let the Universe know your deepest wishes and desires. I’ll be doing mine at 11:11pm tonight in a journal followed by a meditation and prayer. Join me!

8. Synchronicity

“Angel number 1111 is similar to the bright light of a flashbulb. It’s means the Universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts and is manifesting your ideas, creating your experiences. Think only about what you really want. You may begin to see an increase in synchronicities and miraculous coincidences appearing in your life.” – Sacred Scribes

9. Holy Shift

You were built with an inner guidance system, intuition, Holy Spirit. And it lives inside you to call you to your greatest good and your highest self. The energy of the date, time and galaxies is also inside of you. You may be experiencing a major shift, a holy shift, where things you once felt drawn to have served their purpose and no longer interest you. This rings true for addictions, lifestyles, bad habits, jobs/work, toxic relationships where you may have been experiencing blocks from living the life you really want. Now is the time to see the blocks and allow them to shift.

For example, I used to base my life, especially my travel, around DJ’s, festivals and shows. A holy shift happened recently where I now want to make the center of what I’m focused on a reflection of yoga, wellness, health and building my career. Not that I’ll never go to another show, continue with my affections for techno or see my favorite DJ for a dance session, but the days of that being my life have come to a beautiful end. I never thought the day would come, but it has gracefully arrived, and right on time, might I add.

Pay attention to what is shifting for you related to old patterns and behaviors. You may find that some things feel inauthentic or untrue now that used to be such a big part of “you.”

10. Protection

Today is a sweet and gentle reminder from the angels and God that: The universe has your back. Whatever you ask for, believe you will receive it, and it will be yours. Once you make a decision, the Universe will respond by working around the decision. The possibilities are yours to choose from and the shift happens with your thoughts, feelings and actions. Trust and allow the intelligence of our creator to have your back.

11. God created it all.

“Blow the trumpet at the new moon, at the full moon.” – Pslam 81:3

The Bible even directs us to celebrate, observe and put forth offerings on the day of a new moon. Not only that, but there is a whole chapter in the bible dedicated to NUMBERS signifying their importance.

Numbers 28:11 says: “And in your new moons at the beginning of each of your months you shall present a burnt offering to the LORD.”

The new moon along with the entire universe was breathed into creation by our creator and is considered a holy occurrence. Let’s find a quite place to reflect, to pray, to meditate and to blow our trumpet at the new moon in thanksgiving as well as offering up our deepest desires to the one who works miracles every single day. He created the time, the days, the new moon and He created YOU.

It’s 11/11 – MAKE A WISH!

Send your wishes up to the new moon, the stars and God so that your wish can start to make it’s way back to you in co-creation with all the support that you need.

This is a glorious time to plant seeds and watch them grow. BELIEVE you can have what you desire and remember that when you see repeated numbers, there may be a message of light waiting for you inside them to remind you that:

While you live in the universe, the universe lives inside you. Namaste.