You Are Right Where You Should Be

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when angels are near feathers appear miracles are brewing

I found this feather at the top floor of a parking garage where there’s literally no birds. The chances of this feather falling and landing right on my path in front of my car are very slim. I couldn’t help but think it was planted right there, just for me.

It’s said, “When angels are near, feathers appear.”

It was a sweet reminder that this path I’m on is being watched over and to keep walking it without fear or hesitation. Whenever I find feathers, which happens just when I need them, I always have this sense of calmness that let’s me  know my journey is being protected and adorned with love.

It’s funny because if you’ve been following along here or on Instagram, you know that I headed out West a couple months ago, condensing my whole life into a 5×5, with a one-way ticket and not much of a plan.

When you’re wandering, like I have been, and trying to decide where to land and grow roots, it can be challenging. Just like in life when we are trying to find our way (a.k.a. our happiness).

It’s easy to get lost and off track for all of us. And sometimes no matter how much preparing we feel like we are doing, we can end up in places we didn’t think we would be. Or the story unfolds differently than what our beautiful minds imagined it looking like.

In a way, I think we are all searching for the feeling of being at home; that feeling of being comfortable and cozy in our skin and environment. I know that’s certainly part of the mission I’ve been on lately.

While I may not have found it just yet, I know I’m on my way.

We are all on our way. If we can learn to enjoy the paths we are on and know they are leading us closer to coming home to ourselves, then it makes the unknown a much more fun and interesting ride.

It’s important to keep our eyes and hearts open to messages from up above. God is constantly whispering to us to point us in the right direction.

I have been praying to be shown the way. And when this feather appeared, I felt a sense of home. A sign. A sense of relief came over me because I heard the message loud and clear. It was that I am seeing, learning and feeling everything I need to be right inside this very moment and that everything is happening for my greater good.

Let’s all remember to stop and look around inside of the lives we have created for ourselves more often.

Let’s be more aware of all the blessings, gifts, signs, tiny miracles and whispers we are always receiving.

Let’s all admire the path we are on and remember we are all on our way.

And when we feel off track of or out of place, let’s pause and remember that we can always change our course and that sometimes standing in discomfort or uncertainty is the stepping stone to miracles just around the corner.

If you were looking for a sign, here it is. Let my feather be your feather.

I am where I am. You are where you are. And we are each right where we should be. Namaste.