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To book a coaching session, you are in the right place, love. Send me your deets below & we’ll get you on the calendar. And don’t worry, you are in a judgement free zone, brave one.

Looking for answers?? I get a lot of emails from people as I continue to open up and share more of my journey. I get inquires about living an alcohol free life, faith, God, breaking points, finding happiness or a spiritual path, giving up self-defeating habits, self care and, in general, how to BE sober, joyful or feel free.

My passionate charge in this life is to help teach people how to create a lifestyle they can’t wait to wake up into each day. To play MUCH bigger. To vibe higher. And to embrace how epic they truly are.

Dear CB is the official way to send me your deepest burning questions. I will publish responses on the blog, anonymously – don’t worry I won’t disclose your name! I believe we are all connected and experience the same moments of wonder, question and emotion. Let’s dive in together. Use the form below with the subject: Dear CB to email me your question and I will let you know if I answer it on the blog.

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