Things Are Not Always As They Seem

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A couple weeks ago during prayer I heard a message that said: Things are not always as they seem. I couldn’t pin point what it was in reference to until I went for a long walk on the beach the other day.

I’ve been coming to the same beach for half my life. I’ve done this walk hundreds of times. At the mid point there is this patch of rocks that looks like it stops the beach. Usually, when I get to this point I turn around and begin my walk back.

But this day was different. My curiosity was heightened and I decided to look past those rocks that I thought were stopping me. To my delight, above is what I found…

A beautiful hidden point of the beach I’ve never seen before because for whatever reason I never took the time to look. Naturally, I was taken back as I wasn’t prepared to find such a gorgeous nook of beauty to sit and admire.

For so long, I had programmed my brain that there was nothing there to see. I judged those rocks by their looks, without ever taking the time to investigate if my judgment was actually accurate.

I think this proves true in life also.

How many times have I stopped myself from doing something because of fear?

How many times have I looked at something or someone in a certain way until I looked behind the scenes?

How many times do we judge things by appearance or hearsay?

What about the times where we believe into what people sell us? What they want us to believe, when really deep down they are no where near the image they want everyone to believe?

What if….

We looked a little further?

Dug a little deeper?

Took people for who they really are, not for what they tell you or want you to think?

And in turn, what if we, ourselves, were the realest version of us – not the person we hope others see us as?

And what if things are not as they seem? It could prove to be a great discovery such as in my case of the hidden sight beyond the rocks at the beach.

Or it could be an eye opener in that maybe there are things or people or even beliefs that we need to reassess in our life when we really look at them for what they are. I know based on this message and my recent findings that I’ll be taking a much deeper stare at things in my life.

When we realize things are not always as they seem miracles begin to unfold…

The seemingly impossible suddenly becomes possible.

Wrong  can become all right with a dose of forgiveness.

The pain can become a blessing.

The obstacle becomes a huge lesson.

The worry becomes laughable.

The hurt becomes a deeper hole for love to seep in.

A beautiful sight, person or hidden treasure becomes so much more noticeable.

People become what they are and who they are because their masks begin to disappear.

And most of all life becomes more than we could imagine.

It’s a big ocean of possibilities. Dive in. Get wet. Take a closer look. You never know what you just might find. Things are not always as they seem…

  • Khalid

    It’s always a pleasure to read your posts Carly.
    You always enlight me with your creativity.

  • MiraclesAreBrewing

    Thanks for always being such an amazing support! You are awesome! :)