Making Now Matter

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I just finished up an amazing event in Scottsdale called The New Way Live and I’m buzzing with energy, ideas and inspiration. The event was for millennials who are trying to make an impact through mindful and spiritual based businesses and it offered new perspectives for freely living, courageously leading, creatively earning and consciously giving. The wisdom and perspective shared … Read More

Little Things Matter – 5 Little Reminders

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little things matter carly benson

As I wandered the streets of Barcelona, I couldn’t help but notice the attention to detail at every turn. Each of the buildings were uniquely designed with accents and grand architectural touches. Not only that but the whole city is from the 1700’s and they carefully crafted it into present times keeping all of the original character in tact, which … Read More

We Are All Fighting Our Own Battles

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we are all fighting our own battles detroit

I just got back from a trip up to Detroit for Memorial Day weekend. I visited family there and hit up a music festival for some dancing fun. As I have returned home, I reflected on the trip and I can’t help but be a little overwhelmed by the humbling experiences I had and people I saw. This trip was … Read More

I Believe In Miracles

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miracles are brewing

When Miracles Are Brewing started two years ago all it began with was a vision. There was a spark inside of me to write and share my experiences in sobriety, finding faith and the enlightenment I experiencing as I navigated those waters. The writing was an outlet for me to process life. They always say we teach what we also … Read More

How To Practice More Thanks Giving

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“Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.”  -W.J. Cameron I saw this quote the other day and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Every year we gear up to sit around a feast with our loved ones. We get excited about the food, having days off from work, relaxing, indulging in a food coma, catching up with our … Read More

You Don’t Drink…You’re No Fun

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This topic of assumption has surfaced in many forms over the past week so I decided I would address the elephant in the room. For the record, I have been having the time of my life with my sobriety. I still go out to bars, clubs, concerts, weddings, birthday parties and even raves without drinking. It IS possible to enjoy … Read More

22 Lessons I’m Thankful For

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lessons to be thankful for, carly benson

Thanksgiving is not only a time to gather with our loved ones, but also a time for self reflection. It is an invitation to remember all that we have to be thankful for. Often times our lives get so busy that we can forget to stop and take a deep look at all the things we have to be happy … Read More

A 5-Step Admiration Practice

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[Tweet “Often what we love about others is a reflection of what we can develop and love within ourselves.”] Admiration can be very powerful if used correctly and with proper application it can lead to subtle yet miraculous shifts in our lives. Sure you’ve heard the word, and maybe you have found yourself silently admiring someone from a far. Sometimes we … Read More