25 Things I’m Grateful For In Honor of 25,000 Peeps

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As the Miracles Are Brewing Facebook page hits 25,000 beautiful people today, it has been a time of reflection.

I struggled with what to write about for this very humbling occasion. I thought of all the lessons I’ve learned, words I’ve read and people I’ve talked to while this tribe keeps growing.

I thought about how anxious I was when I publically shared my very first blog post in April 2013. I remembered even further back to the day I got on my hands and knees to beg for a miracle of my own, which set everything into motion.

I reviewed all the people who have reached out to me for help, thanked me for being a light and wholeheartedly supported this work. I’ve looked at how life has moved around me and where it has landed me today, in this moment.

I’ve come to realize and be reminded, that nothing was ever random. That everything is happening for us, not to us.

Once we know this, we realize the struggle no matter how far the finish line may seem, is our greatest teacher. And for this I am so thankful.

Gratitude lists are always part of my coaching process with others, so I thought what a perfect opportunity this is to practice what I always preach. By making a list of all the things we are grateful for, we open the space to invite more of those things in to our lives.

To honor this area of my life and shine a light on the magical experience of being in creation of Miracles Are Brewing,

Here is what I’m thankful for today:

  1. YOU. To the person reading this – I’m so grateful for your eyes, attention, heart and the trust you have granted me to be allowed into your coveted inbox. Thank you. You are beautiful and worthy of all that you desire. Let that radiate into your core. Pretty please.
  2. The Internet. Its infinite and limitless capabilities have catapulted our ability to reach people. For this my mind continues to be blown. It has been a foundational, mighty and immense resource for my growth. Google, I salute you.
  3. My parents. They are quite possibly the coolest. No, like for real – this has been confirmed by anyone who meets them. Their unconditional support and love made me who I am today. I wouldn’t be here and I sure wouldn’t be doing any of this if it weren’t for my favorite high school sweethearts who are still going strong to this day.

    The making of Carly Benson

  4. Words. Whether it was verses, quotes, books or heartfelt shares from others, words have played a huge role in the trajectory and evolution of both MAB and myself. From sharing them, to writing them to reading them – words have been instrumental in my transformation. There is no denying the power of a word that penetrates your soul and leaves you changed.
  5. Connection. It’s what makes us come to life. Having deep conversations where you feel heard and feeling a sense of belonging has a massive impact on how we do life. Realizing part of my addiction was a craving for more connection has been such a catalyst for my recovery. This tribe helps us all feel more connected and heard. For this, I bow.
  6. Sobriety. It has been one of the single most defining accomplishments of my life. The clarity I’ve gained about myself, life and how to be a human has been a cherished and priceless experience. If tomorrow never came, I’d be able to face that knowing I truly lived. I felt my feelings, even the messy ones, and I faced myself in the mirror. I’ll never be done learning, but one thing I do know is that life is too short to spend it at war with yourself.
    sobriety carly benson miracles are brewing

    Retired Blackout Artist www.TheSoberLifeClothing.com

  7. The power of consistency. Consistently doing the next right thing. Consistently working and holding myself to what I said I would do. Consistently telling the truth. And the power is made known by the progress and work.  Consistent action creates consistent results. I’m so thankful I learned this and, at times, drove myself crazy holding myself to it.
  8. Traveling. Seeing parts of this world, other cultures and meeting people from all walks of life, expands you. It gives you a new perspective and it fosters compassion. I never leave a new place or trip without being changed. Sometimes it leaves you speechless and other times it turns you into a storyteller.
    travel cabo san lucas mexico

    Cabo San Lucas

  9. Freedom. I decided a long time ago that I didn’t want to be chained to an office or even a location. I’ve organized my life and work around being able to be remote and to experience life on my terms. I’m no longer chained to my addictions or bad habits either. Freedom comes when you realize the only limits that exist are the ones we set on ourselves.
  10. Bubble baths. Until the candles melt. And because there is no angry way to say bubbles.
  11. Photography. There is something about capturing a moment and being able to remind yourself of its beauty over and over again. Memories remind you of how you felt, what you were thinking and even what it smelled like when you revisit them. Photographic memories have been a huge inspiration to my writing process.
    photography carly benson miracles are brewing

    BPM Festival – Playa Del Carmen

  12. Truth telling. The more honest I’ve been about who I am, the more it helps me to stand tall in it. For example, people ask me all the time why I don’t drink. The answer is a simple truth – I used to be a cokehead and alcohol was the gateway. No one expects such an honest answer around such a taboo subject and they appreciate and respect that. When we stop pussyfooting around what’s true for us, it gives others permission to be real too. Telling the truth has been one of the most potent tools I’ve ever learned and practiced.
  13. Struggle. Because the struggle is where the growth happens. If we aren’t growing, then we are staying the same. And that sounds pretty boring if you ask me. If it weren’t for my struggles, I would have nothing to share.
  14. Yoga. This is both my work out and my spiritual practice. It has given me the gift of being present because when you’re dripping in sweat inside 95 degree room and holding a pose that you once never thought you could, you don’t have time to think about your to do lists, what someone said to you or what you’re eating for dinner. All you can do is breath and lean into it to find your edge. And then, of course, there’s yoga pants – my go to wardrobe. Shouts to those little game changers too.
    Dancer Pose - Fremont Street Las Vegas carly benson miracles are brewing

    Dancer Pose – Fremont Street Las Vegas

  15. The Sober Community. I have met so many incredible people in sobriety from all over the place – digital and in person. So, if you’re trying to quit drinking and wondering if you’ll fit in without it or if there is life after alcohol, let me tell you there is a massive tribe of sober peeps waiting to meet you. And we are thriving and rising strong together, ready to hold your hand.
  16. Nature. Palm trees, beaches, mountains, flowers, sunsets and clouds have often been my muse. The backdrops mother nature has blessed my eyes with have created swells in my heart, which have dripped through my my hands as I type. The photos that go with each of the blogs tell a story about how this universe surrounds us and loves us so hard each day. This is presence and love I will forever be in awe of.
    la jolla california carly benson

    La Jolla, California

  17. Food. What can I say: I’m a foodie. Some people go out to eat for the wine and drinks. I go for the food. That is the experience for me. I enjoy any version of yumminess with deep seeded affections for tacos, sushi, cheese boards and all things chocolate. I’m mindful of what I put in my body, but I’m a firm believer of frequent taste bud indulgences.
  18. Miracles. Once I changed my perception of what a miracle was, I started to notice them all around me. If it weren’t for the miracles that have happened in my life, I know with certainty, I would not be here today. The most incredible thing about miracles is that they DO happen. All you you need to do is to believe.
  19. My ability to write. Ever since I was a little girl, I would write notes. I wrote epic letters to boyfriends and ex’s and even to bosses of mine. This form of communication chose me long before I even knew it was a gift. I just thought it was the only way I felt comfortable talking about my feelings and things that got me going. I now know that this ability is much more than a comfort. It is a God given talent to reach people. I may not be good at singing, but I sure can belt out a sentence.
  20. Unconditional love. My dogs show me this every single day. They are quite possibly the best investment I’ve ever made. It is true when they speak of emotional support animals. There are times in my life where my dogs have been the only ones right there with me. And one of mine just happens to look like a fox. So, there’s that too – my own personal fox.
    elly & oliver

    Elly & Oliver – The Smoochers

  21. Deep house music. Because no matter what is going on, if I hear a beat and it catches me, my eyes light up and it captures me immediately. Not many things do that to me. Not to mention it has fueled many living room dance sessions, which help me express the ever-present rhythm flowing inside of me at all times. There is something to be said for things that move you.
  22. Sweat. There is nothing like being drenched in it, breathless, with your heart pounding as you notice how all of the energy in your body is vibrating and flowing through you. Emptying myself in this way has been my saving grace so many times. It helps me stay sane and to release all my pent up emotions. Please forgive me for what I said when I was not sweating enough.
  23. Prayer. This is my go to. My sanctuary. The sounding board. A refuge of sweet grace and a fountain of protection to swim in. Its the place where I go to rid myself and purge things that do not serve me. To me, life with out prayer is a tragedy. Knowing I always have this to turn to no matter where I am or how dark it may seem, is EVERYTHING.
    prayer sagrada familia barcelona

    La Sagrada Familia – Barcelona

  24. Fuzzy blankets. Because I spend a lot of time snuggled up in bed and prefer that infinitely more than being out on most nights. They are a soothing comfort that makes me feel safe. Besides what is a gratitude list without showing some love for the fuzzy things in life.
  25. Most importantly, the best for last – this one goes to God. Without Him nothing would be possible, but with Him anything is possible. I turned to him in my deepest, darkest and lowest hour and he has lifted me to heights I never could have imagined. I will forever give credit to the REAL author behind Miracles Are Brewing – He’s one brewing all the miracles.


And to the man behind the lens – my photographer, editor, best friend and lover, Mark – The list would not be complete without you on it. Thank you for doing life with me.