22 Lessons I’m Thankful For

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lessons to be thankful for, carly benson

Thanksgiving is not only a time to gather with our loved ones, but also a time for self reflection. It is an invitation to remember all that we have to be thankful for.

Often times our lives get so busy that we can forget to stop and take a deep look at all the things we have to be happy about. We allow ourselves to get caught up in the things we are working towards, desiring and trying to attain that sometimes we can lose sight of all that we already have.

This world that we live in is fueled by the “get it now” mentality because we literally have anything we want at our fingertips through the electronics we cling to each day. Society has become one of instant gratification. Information can be obtained with the click of a button, things can be purchased in a matter of seconds and we are connected to networks of thousands, and potentially millions, of people at the drop of a password.

The hustle and the fast paced race so many of us are running can warp our minds so far into the future that we become overly focused on getting there leaving us forgetful of enjoying the journey.

One thing I am teaching myself is to be present in the moment.

To breathe in each moment and to remember what I have right in front of me.

To hold appreciation for the past, but to be certain that I am not living there for too long as memories fade in and out of mind.

And not to get too tangled in what the future has in store or what I want it to look like that I forget to let it unfold as God so intricately already designed for me.

Life is so beautiful especially when we stop to take it all in. I have found that when I slow down and relax, I realize there are so many things for me to be thankful for. Most of which are lessons that I have learned and continue to uncover. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are:

22 Lessons I’m Thankful For

  1. When you set your intentions, and they come from a good place, opportunities will be presented to support them. Remember, your intentions create your reality.
  2. Spending time alone is when you learn the most about yourself. It’s in moments of total solitude that you open the mind to some of its best work. When you find yourself alone, smile – God is working. The question is: will you be comfortable enough in that space to hear?
  3. Wanting something and working towards it are two separate things. They are independent of one another yet dependent on each other.
  4. You cannot stop something from occurring when its time has come. Everything has a time.
  5. When you are broken, you are actually being strengthened. It is only in times of feeling absolutely distraught that you can reconstruct with certainty that on the other side you will be a changed person. And to that end, all change begins with a decision.
  6. Balance is really about just the right amount of fun and focus.
  7. Prayer is the most powerful form of communication that will ever exist.  It ALL starts with a prayer.
  8. Patience is the key to happiness. If you are willing to patiently wait for the right things and people, you will ultimately end up with what is meant for you. Patience.
  9. Reading, learning and obtaining new and practical knowledge is imperative to being truly successful.
  10. When we stop trying to figure other people out, we allow them to be exactly who they are.  Love them for just that, not who you want them to be.
  11. When someone is genuine with you, never forget that or take it for granted. True friends are extremely rare.
  12. Your faith is a byproduct of how reliant you are on it. The more you live by faith, being vulnerable, stepping out of your comfort zone and trusting that God will deliver you exactly where He needs you is how your faith grows.
  13. Authenticity breeds deep connection. There is no substitute for a relationship built on that.
  14. A positive mindset is more valuable than any amount of money. A healthy mind is the true wealth of life.
  15. “Rejection is like chicken, it’s either yummy or yucky, depending on how you cook it.” –Jia Jiang Remember the No’s in your life are always part of a bigger Yes, so be brave!
  16. We always teach what we still need to learn in some form.
  17. Don’t get sidetracked by people or things that are not on track. Distractions come in all forms, and most of the time they look pretty, tasty and tempting…
  18. Our response to situations, especially when they don’t go our way, is the cornerstone of teaching us how to love, unconditionally.
  19. We don’t ever lose by going after what we want.  We only lose by holding back.
  20. How we respond to a mistake says so much more about us than the actual mistake.
  21. What we love about others is a reflection of what we can develop and love within ourselves.
  22. My struggles and my sobriety are the backbone of the person I’ve come to be. Thanks be to God for His decision to save me and help me to make Him and being sober look cool, one blog post at a time.

You are loved and I am thankful for you. I hope you and your families have a blessed Thanksgiving. I also hope this has inspired you to take some time to slow down, reflect and give thanks for the lessons you’ve learned in your own lives.

Miracles Are…..Gobbling?? xo