I Believe In Miracles

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miracles are brewing

When Miracles Are Brewing started two years ago all it began with was a vision. There was a spark inside of me to write and share my experiences in sobriety, finding faith and the enlightenment I experiencing as I navigated those waters. The writing was an outlet for me to process life. They always say we teach what we also need to learn.

Over time the vision has evolved along with the writing, site and the social community surrounding MAB. Yesterday yet another miracle happened. The Facebook page hit 10,000 likes! This has been a milestone and goal because I always said if this can grow into a community of light seekers, miracle workers and others wishing to be the change they want to see, then it means there is a space in this world that Miracles Are Brewing is helping to create as a container for those beautiful souls on a mission to become more evolved and enlightened.

I cannot express how much gratitude I have for this type of support. Thinking back to how it all started as glimpse of light and a vision makes my heart swell. It just goes to show you that what ever we put our minds to we can bring to fruition.

It took dedication to get posts out consistently, to build the Facebook page with regular posts that carried inspiration inside of them and courage to step out with my story to provide comfort to others in that we are all in this together. It’s taken commitment to stay the course with sobriety and to walk my spiritual talk, even though at times this proved to be challenging. There were risks, fails and mountains to climb along the journey and I know it’s only just begun. I’m far from perfect and I thank each of you for supporting my work, the community of MAB and for allowing me to be in your inboxes and news feeds.

Over the past few months MAB has shifted in miraculous ways. I’m now a Certified Life Coach and will begin offering coaching sessions to those who are lead to me. My work is also about to start being featured on Elite Daily, which is a huge exposure opportunity to spread the light. The next goal and milestone is to become certified as a Baptiste Yoga Instructor. That journey begins in June. This will allow MAB to start facilitating wellness retreats across the world that infuse yoga, personal development and music.

I don’t say these things to toot my own horn. I say them to demonstrate to each of you that when you are given a vision that is fueled by a personal passion, the sky is the limit as long as you wholeheartedly pursue it. You can do anything you put your mind to, especially when you put God in the driver’s seat. Let my story and accomplishments be a testament to believing in yourself and believing in your dreams. You would not be given a vision without the corresponding ability to see it through.

I believe in miracles and I believe in you.

  • Khalid

    Hi Carly,

    You are such an inspirational figure. I wish you all the best in your miracles journey.

    THANKS should go to you for all your efforts to make our days brighter with your advices.


  • MiraclesAreBrewing

    Thank you Khalid! Your support and friendship is a miracle in itself. Thank you for always sharing my work! Blessings to you my friend. :)