Replacing Fear Of The Unknown With Curiosity

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Recently I went hiking at Red Rock Canyon. As we pulled up, we had no idea what to expect as we randomly chose a hike on the map.

As we made our way down the path, there was a spot on the trail that had a small fork in it. After choosing which way we would go, we weren’t sure if we were actually going the right way.

The path was meandering quite a bit and there were even some spots that appeared to be a dead end, but weren’t after further inspection.

I kept thinking that I bet most people would have turned around. That this path didn’t look very promising. I was playing around with the idea giving up to be honest.

However, after about a half hour of walking and climbing, we felt it would have been a tragedy to quit just before we got to the good part. So we continued forward with optimism that there was one waiting ahead.

Shortly after, we reached such a gorgeous spot inside the canyon where we were greeted with enormous and beautiful red rocks that blew me away with their majesty.

It was a nice and timely reminder that even though the path was full of obstacles and uncertainty, and most would have given up or turned around, perseverance and a childlike wonder delivered us to a place we couldn’t have imagined.

It just goes to show that if you keep going and push through your doubts, that’s when and where the magic happens. By replacing the fear of the unknown with a strong curiosity, we became open to what was ahead.

I can’t help but see the parallel for life in all of this. When I got back home, I realized this was more than just a hike. It was a moment of reverent curiosity.

Never lose your curiosity. It’s one of your most powerful tools. Because a curious mind has no limits.