Little Things Matter – 5 Little Reminders

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little things matter carly benson

As I wandered the streets of Barcelona, I couldn’t help but notice the attention to detail at every turn. Each of the buildings were uniquely designed with accents and grand architectural touches. Not only that but the whole city is from the 1700’s and they carefully crafted it into present times keeping all of the original character in tact, which took exceptionally creative and tasteful work.

The restaurants were all so quaint and each had their own signature feel of ambiance. The food was mind blowing, fresh and every place had it’s own spin on how to make the dishes distinctively delicious. I have truly never seen anything quite like it. These details are what make that entire city one of the best places I’ve ever visited.

I saw churches that have been in the works for hundreds of years to carry out the original artistic vision. I saw a parking garage turned into one of the most stunning food markets. I saw an old housing development turned into an elaborate park and an old bull-fighting arena turned into a shopping plaza. I saw majestic fountains and palaces built right into the city for everyone to admire. Literally every corner of that city is thriving with history, charm and intricate features.

The vibe and energy of this place came from each of these tiny details all playing off of each other. I couldn’t help but notice that the little things actually do matter as my attention to them was heightened at every turn of my head.

If each of us could learn to build our lives like they built that city, with such attention to detail that every aspect was thought through and considered with care, what a beautiful landscape we would have before our eyes each and every day.

To help us with this task, here are some little reminders about the little things and why they matter.

Little things add up.

They always say what we do each day matters more than what we do once in a while. When you’re building your life, career or a relationship, over time it is the little things that accumulate into the bigger picture. There is a pattern of devotion involved in making everything in your life a wild success. Achievement is always a series of tiny actions done with care and bundled together. Little things make big things happen.

The details create the experience.

If we really think about it, the details make the experience a good one and they also have the power, if overlooked, to create a not so favorable one. Think about a movie or when you’re dining at a nice restaurant. You’re looking at the details of each thing that happens from the moment you sit down to the time you leave. You base your opinion of that experience on the details and how everything tied together. Remember this in your life, relationships and business. You have the ability to create the experience for others as something memorable and lasting by crafting the details.

Pay attention to the details around you.

Let’s look up from our phones more often. Look up to the sky, around the perimeter and into the horizon. Notice the colors, shapes, designs and everything that surrounds you; even in your home. You’ll be mesmerized at what you’ve been missing and what is there for your admiration. When we start to pay attention to the things near us we see that each plays its part. If we can find beauty in the small things and realize that everything really does matter as it is all connected, we begin to see our lives in a new light that is naturally beaming with more vibrancy and gratitude.

People remember the little things in hindsight sometimes more than the big things.

If you ask someone what they remember about someone else that was important in their lives, they will usually give you little details of what left a mark on their heart. The way he/she looked at me. How they laughed. That moment when we laid together looking at the sunset. The way they look when they sleep. How he/she held my hand. People remember kindness and they see it in our acts performed daily. So, pay attention to how you handle your loved ones each day. You don’t realize your exact details are what make them love you and a good part of our lives will be spent in nameless moments with the people that matter most to us.

You never know when the smallest act of kindness can have the biggest impact.

It’s the small things that we do with great love that can change lives. Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can make the biggest difference in the lives of others. I can’t tell you how many times someone has said something kind to me that I’ve carried with me through the years. Or those times when someone checks on me when I’m having a hard time in life just to show they care and it makes all the difference. We don’t realize that our words, smiles and sweet nothings for others, even strangers, echo in the lives we place them in.

No matter who you are, what you do, where you live or where you’re from, we each have the ability to leave our own rare mark on this world. This mark begins with the tiny, little details that make us who we are and create our worlds.

It’s so important to start spending more time observing the small things in our every day lives. By committing to becoming great with the details, we set ourselves up to find greatness in all things.

Our entire experience in this life is shaped by the details. It’s the little seconds of every day that add up to fill our lifetime. How we choose to care for them is completely up to us. Little things matter and remember, each of those tiny dots in time and space always connect. Namaste.