Why Self Care Is Important

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Well, hello there beautiful MAB tribe! I hope the start to your New Year has been glorious. As we start off 2017, I’ve been powerfully reminded about why self care is important. If you’ve been following my Instagram, you may know that I have been traveling the last several weeks. I was on a cruise in the Caribbean for the … Read More

How I Coped With My Anxiety

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how to cope with anxiety using breath carly benson miracles are brewing

I’ll never forget – it was late 2007 and I was sitting in a meeting at my very corporate America job. The meeting was with our Human Resources department to go over our benefits, health insurance, 401k plans, etc. It was afternoon and I had just come from lunch. As I was sitting in the meeting, she was talking about … Read More

Are You Creating A Life You Love?

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are you creating a life you love carly benson miracles are brewing

Are You Creating A Life You Love? I’ve had to mindfully ask myself this question, very humbly and honestly, so many times throughout my adult life. Is everything I’m doing and surrounding myself with feeding my soul? Or are there things that need some massaging, changing or perhaps even a straight up massacring? One thing about sobriety is that you … Read More

Getting In Your Zone

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Yesterday I did an interview with The Recovery Revolution on their Since Right Now podcast. We talked about how Miracles Are Brewing came to be. I shared how I got sober and the spiritual experience I felt as it happened, my top essentials for staying sober, how I deal with depression and anxiety as well as what’s coming next for … Read More

One Practice That Has Kept Me Sober

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how to stay sober carly benson miracles are brewing

When I got sober in 2008, it was hard to rebuild my life at first. Killing bad habits and adjusting your life around the avoidance of them isn’t easy. It is a daily effort in making all the correct choices and no longer allowing the addictions to run your brain. Getting sober is hard work but once you’ve made it … Read More

A Simple Reminder To Be Kind

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miracles are brewing kindness san diego

Our lives can get so busy and hectic that sometimes we forget to take time out to extend kindness or a helping hand to people around us. This past weekend I was given a gentle and simple reminder about why kindness is so important. As most of you know, I’ve been gearing up to head out to Cali and shake … Read More

How Routines Can Make You More Productive

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how routines can help your productivity carly benson barcelona

We don’t realize how routinely driven we are until we take a look at our daily routines. My life has become fairly regimented for reasons that support my sobriety, but also because I’m an orderly type of person in general. I went through an exercise with one of my coaches that helped me see how routines can make you more … Read More

18 Things I’ve Learned From Decluttering

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what I learned from decluttering carly benson

Have you ever cleaned your entire house and looked around feeling refreshed and almost rejuvenated that everything is in order, clean and organized? When you sit down after cleaning your brains out and you think to yourself, “THIS feels good,” and you feel so accomplished and on top of your game because in that moment the clutter has subsided in … Read More

How To Get Out Of A Bad Mood

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how to get out of a bad mood carly benson

I was having a very stressful day the other day and life was feeling pretty heavy. I noticed that I was feeling somewhat frustrated and defeated. It was an emotional day and my feelings were all over the map as I moved through the day and I could feel my mood was full of low energy. We’ve all had this … Read More