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Yesterday I did an interview with The Recovery Revolution on their Since Right Now podcast. We talked about how Miracles Are Brewing came to be. I shared how I got sober and the spiritual experience I felt as it happened, my top essentials for staying sober, how I deal with depression and anxiety as well as what’s coming next for the MAB tribe.

It was such a fun chat and when I hung up, I had an electric current running through me.

In that moment, I knew I had entered my zone.

The zone where I’m able to just riff on what I inherently know and what lights me up.

There is a feeling you get when you know you’re inside the zone where it almost feels out of body, as if I even know what that feels like but you catch my drift. I’ve had this happen on stage when I’m speaking or even inside of a good conversation about sobriety, self-help, the quest for reaching our best self or the like.

This is the place where you could get up on a stage in front of people with no script and talk for an hour. This is the place where when you are doing it or working in it that you lose track of time. Where it doesn’t feel like work.

It’s that spot where you feel you come to life the most.

Finding where your “zone of genius” is located, as Peta Kelly calls it, takes time. It takes clarity, self-awareness and it also takes a sense of real intuition to know when you are in it and feeling it.

There is something inside of each of us that we were gifted with. An area of expertise that only we know based on our knowledge, experiences and our personal taking to our gift.

What we must do is find the zone. Cultivate the zone. Live in the zone as much as we can. Because when we work and create from this space, miracles happen.

If you need help finding your zone or are unsure what this looks like for you, spend some time thinking about what you love. What you can talk about for hours. What you teach to people. How you enjoy spending your free time. Where your mind goes when it wanders. What is it that just comes naturally to you? Write it down and see what comes up for you.

If I told you I was doing a contest and would publish a blog if you send it to me, what would you write about, effortlessly? Because that is a zone indicator.

I encourage you to take some time to get in touch with your zone. Where does it live and what does it look like?

It is my hope everyone has a chance to live from that space and make things for this world that showcase your gifts and serve others. Once you know how this feels, just as I felt yesterday, you’ll want to spend more time there and you’ll be energized just thinking about it.

Often finding the zone means we need to work on clearing away the clutter of life to get to that place where we are ready to take on our real gifts. I know that has been part of my process with getting sober and living the sober life for going on 8 years now.

To that end, I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me for help with their sobriety or coaching, so I decided to create a Mentorship Giveaway where we will work one-on-one to dive deep into what’s really going on in your life. What’s keeping you stuck, holding you back or prohibiting you from getting into your zone.

Today is the last day to enter to win and I’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow on 6/17.

So, there is still time to ENTER TO WIN HERE by telling me what’s in your real reel of life (not your highlight reel you show to most people), why you want a mentor and what you want to create more of with this help.

The entries have been pouring in and I’m personally reading all of them. Thank you for being transparent and open about your life with me. It’s going to be a hard, prayerful decision to make!

Oh, and if you want to listen to my interview on Since Right Now you can find it below or by clicking HERE

Big love to the guys over there for having me, giving me the opportunity to share and getting to feel that electrifying vibe of being in my zone! Their work is phenomenal for the addiction recovery community so please give them a follow and show them some love.

Namaste, from the zone.

  • Thanks so much for joining us Carly! It was terrific talking with you.

  • Thanks for having me! You guys are awesome and I love talking with you! Congrats on 3 years of the show and many more to come! :)