Are You Creating A Life You Love?

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Are You Creating A Life You Love?

I’ve had to mindfully ask myself this question, very humbly and honestly, so many times throughout my adult life. Is everything I’m doing and surrounding myself with feeding my soul? Or are there things that need some massaging, changing or perhaps even a straight up massacring?

One thing about sobriety is that you see things so much more clearly for what they truly are. The clarity can be deafening with its loudness sometimes making it hard to ignore what doesn’t feel good. Because, after all, there is no more numbing or escaping to provide refugee for this avoidance. So when I don’t love something I’ve created or participated in, I feel it, deeply.

Within the journey of life, especially one of sobriety, we create standards and boundaries for ourselves, our happiness and even our sanity. It’s so important to know when you’re within them or outside of them so you can recalibrate and navigate accordingly.

This is all part of creating what we love and nourishing what makes us happy.

The adventure I’ve been on out West has caused me to take a long hard glare as I make decisions these days. I suppose this is because I completely cleared out my life, decluttered and got rid of all unnecessary “stuff.” So, when adding things back in, I’m cautiously looking at each, asking myself if I really need it and if it is going to contribute to creating a life I love.

It got me thinking that for so long I never stopped to smell these particular roses; the glorious roses of creation. I was so consumed with partying and finding my next high that taking a pause to think about what I was creating was a concept that was foreign and unthinkable for me.

So many of us get stuck on autopilot these days.

The monotony and automation of life can blind us so easily. Many of us, including myself at times, forget that we are actively participating in how we live our lives with the choices we make and the habits we foster.

So, I beg this question of you as well: Is how you are currently living a life you love?

Are you waking up feeling happy and fulfilled? Are you designing and creating a life that feels good to you?

I can remember in my active addictions, I knew how I was living had become a nightmare. I hated waking up and dealing with the voices of shame and guilt in my head for not living a life that I was proud of or happy with. Hangovers and comedowns did NOT feel good. Hiding my anxiety, depression and addictions felt belittling and wildly inauthentic.

I don’t pretend to have the perfect life now that I’m sober, but I can tell you with certainty, I’m living out of creative expression and designing a life, little by little, that I love. But this is only because of the awareness of this important question.

I posted a quote last night that spoke loudly to me:

“Once we’re thrown off our habitual paths, we think all is lost. But it’s only here that the new and the good begins.” – Leo Tolstoy

This speaks to me because I wholeheartedly believe that living from habit, isn’t really living. Creating a life you love requires conscious decision-making, dedication to tuning into what you really want all while carefully listening to your intuition.

Today I read a quote Gabby Bernstein posted and it said, “Desire is God tapping at the door of your mind, trying to give you greater good.” Do you hear the tap? Can you smell the roses? Are you creating a life you love?

May you relish in your beautiful creations. Namaste friends.