How To Get Out Of A Bad Mood

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how to get out of a bad mood carly benson

I was having a very stressful day the other day and life was feeling pretty heavy. I noticed that I was feeling somewhat frustrated and defeated. It was an emotional day and my feelings were all over the map as I moved through the day and I could feel my mood was full of low energy. We’ve all had this happen to us from time to time.

I put something into play that really altered my mood quickly and I didn’t even consciously realize I was doing it. I inadvertently learned how to change a bad mood very quickly with this simple practice. I wanted to share what worked for me when I needed to bust through a bad day and figure out how to get out of a bad mood.

What I did was I shifted the attention and focus away from myself and I moved into a space of serving others instead. What I mean by this is rather than getting in my head or wallowing around in anger or frustration, I started reaching out to people to see how they were doing. I turned away from my own feelings of wavering emotions and I looked to others in my life right now that are going through things or that I could be a better friend to.

That day I had conversations with several people about what was going on in their life, how I could be there for them and to lend an ear to them about their own troubles. Essentially, I started thinking about others instead of thinking about me in this moment and everything naturally shifted.

I began to realize that when the spotlight was taken off my own issues and feelings, I immediately felt better. The moment I shifted my attitude into how can I help someone else right now in the way that I want to be comforted, it shifted my entire mood and energy very quickly.

It was also interesting to talk with people who had major events happening in their lives and how it made me feel that what I was experiencing was not nearly as bad in the grand scheme of things.

When I moved into the mode of being of service by checking on people I care about, my mood changed into one of feeling compassionate and I no longer had as much space for feeling sorry for myself or angry about my own situation.

It was like a light switch in my heart and mind went on that blocked out my own negative emotions. I became more focused on being there for other people and this took the focus off of feeding or playing into my bad mood away completely.

So, the next time you are feeling down about something or you feel your mood bubbling into a bad one, I encourage you to shift your focus to being of service to someone else. Get in touch with someone who is going through something difficult. Ask someone how they are doing. Find out how you can be there or be helpful to someone. Serve your loved ones in ways that you would want someone to do for you.

I know is sounds so simple, but it works. A bad mood is an indication that we need to raise our vibration. The best way to do that is to serve because when you serve you immediately move into a headspace of love, grace and compassion for others that you might not feel towards yourself and this rapidly shifts your energy.

If I was there for you this week, in all reality you were there for me too. After all, we’re all just walking each other home, right? I hope this message serves you. Namaste.