How To Stay Positive In A Negative World

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How To Stay Positive In A Negative World Carly Benson

Politics, guns, shootings, bombings, abortion, attacks, rape, famine, poverty – we see it every day, all around us, all the time. I’ve talked to a lot of people lately and it seems like with all the events happening around the world, media and social outlets have turned much more negative these days. People have become more negative, unfortunately and our … Read More

9 Quick Tips To Experience More Thankfulness

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tips to experience more thankfulness carly benson

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year. It’s an opportunity to come together with our loved ones and family to give thanks for the year. It can also be an overwhelming time for many – cooking, baking, cleaning, decorating, shopping, parties, being social. And let’s not forget: All. The. Food. We can easily lose track of what the holiday is about … Read More

What’s In Your Hyphen?

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carly benson spend your time wisely

I saw and posted a quote not too long ago that really got me thinking. It said: “If you truly want to know what a person’s goals and dreams are, ask them what they do on a Sunday afternoon.” – Meredith Marple I used to spend my Sunday afternoons in misery for how I spent my time throughout the weekend … Read More

Do You Want To Make A Difference?

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A lot of people I talk to tell me they want to make a difference. To help others. To make an impact. To build something important. What we don’t realize is how many opportunities we have to do these things that may appear small on the surface but actually have the potential to be HUGE if we all come together … Read More

Our Thoughts Lead Our Lives

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sky, horizon

Sometimes I write in the moment when I’m feeling inspired. The following is an excerpt from my iPhone notes from last February that I just stumbled upon. I think I was traveling to NYC and this came over me – a raw and unedited stream of consciousness about how our thoughts lead our lives. As I peer out of the … Read More

Just Be Patient

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As I was enjoying my morning coffee and quiet time a couple weeks ago, thinking and praying, I found myself getting very caught up in the future. Trying to plan things out and make a road map for exactly what I was going to do, where I wanted to go, and how I wanted things to unfold. As my thoughts … Read More

6 Steps to Get Back On Track

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get back on track

I have something I need to get off my chest.  The past few weeks I have been completely sidetracked and have fallen out of my routine.  I’ve felt like my writing wasn’t good enough to post and started to feel like what I was talking about wasn’t relevant. The goal is to get back on track. I took some time … Read More

22 Lessons I’m Thankful For

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lessons to be thankful for, carly benson

Thanksgiving is not only a time to gather with our loved ones, but also a time for self reflection. It is an invitation to remember all that we have to be thankful for. Often times our lives get so busy that we can forget to stop and take a deep look at all the things we have to be happy … Read More

A 5-Step Admiration Practice

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admiration miracles are brewing

[Tweet “Often what we love about others is a reflection of what we can develop and love within ourselves.”] Admiration can be very powerful if used correctly and with proper application it can lead to subtle yet miraculous shifts in our lives. Sure you’ve heard the word, and maybe you have found yourself silently admiring someone from a far. Sometimes we … Read More

What If Faith Is The Answer

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universe faith god

So often I get approached by people looking for answers or advice about many things. It seems like a subject that continues to arise is faith. People always ask me how I got the faith that I have and so openly talk about. Especially after the post from last week, I got a lot of people asking me to dive … Read More