The Best Thing About Sobriety

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In my recent interview with Sexy Sobriety, we dove head first into my past relationship with alcohol and drugs, what caused me to quit, how I sustained my sobriety and what my lifestyle looks like on the other side of the bottle. Besides all of the benefits we discussed throughout the conversations, I was asked, “What is the best thing … Read More

10 Reasons Why Sober Is The New Cool

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“Can I buy you a drink?” “Let’s do a shot!” “What are you drinking?” That’s usually how this conversation begins for me. How I answer depends on the setting, the person and how I’m feeling that day. Usually, I start out with a simple “No thank you, I don’t drink.” However, that answer is often not sufficient enough on it’s … Read More

A 20-Day Guide to Better Spiritual Conversations

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As we bring the series of meaningful conversations to a close, yes, I saved the best for last – spiritual conversations. Warning: It’s a long post and it could cause MIRACULOUS things to happen in your life. Since publishing this blog, I’ve had many people approach me and ask me how to pray or how to establish a relationship with … Read More

25 Practices to Experience More Meaningful Conversations

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Conversations should be

In the last post, we focused on the importance of our internal conversations and how improving our inner dialogue can improve our life. This week, we’ll look at external conversations. The daily conversations we have with other people – family, friends, coworkers, elders and even strangers. You will notice that once your internal dialogue begins to improve, your conversations with … Read More

Meaningful Conversations: 6 Effective Tips to Improve Your Self-Talk

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Be careful how you talk to yourself because you are listening

Our internal voice is NON-stop.  All day long we are talking to ourselves, thinking thoughts which subconsciously influence our actions. Sadly, we all have a high tendency to be hardest on ourselves out of anyone in our lives.  This commentary we have with ourselves can drastically impact our interactions. Self-talk is one of the most crucial components of our well-being … Read More

Meaningful Conversations

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Today I write in awe of how grateful I am for the people in my life. New, old, repaired and even the damaged relationships around me are gentle reminders of how we are all interconnected. I’ve been fortunate this past week, in particular, to have so many meaningful conversations, from serious, to sad, to prayerful to advice-full, to playful and … Read More