A 20-Day Guide to Better Spiritual Conversations

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As we bring the series of meaningful conversations to a close, yes, I saved the best for last – spiritual conversations.

Warning: It’s a long post and it could cause MIRACULOUS things to happen in your life.

Since publishing this blog, I’ve had many people approach me and ask me how to pray or how to establish a relationship with God. I’ve even had people say: “I want the faith you have. How do I get it?”

I’ll tell you one thing – my spiritual conversations and prayer life are the fundamental backbones to not only my faith, but also my entire life.

Prayer is an intentional conversation with our creator. Think about how you feel after you have a deep, meaningful conversation with someone. You walk away feeling more connected and have a richer understanding of that person or situation.

The same is true with spiritual conversations. The more often we communicate with God, the closer our relationship will grow. The closer the relationship, the more we are able to hear his voice of reason in our life which brings peace, better decisions and ultimately it builds more awareness of his hand in our lives.

Prayer is an intensely personal experience. Therefore there is no “right” or “wrong” way to pray. The key is to just open the line of communication. Speaking or even just thinking with him in mind is the first step.

Remember, it’s not about a formula or studying how to do it. It’s about experiencing and feeling the grace of how prayer can work in our lives.

Perhaps, you are not a Christian or you don’t believe in God and all this talk of spiritual communication makes you a bit uneasy. I get it. I used to be there. I felt like praying was just me talking to myself for the longest time.

But, deep down there may be that small part of you that wonders “what if.”  What IF there is a God and he does hear you? What IF you gave it a shot, a really good effort, just to see? Couldn’t hurt, could it?

Maybe you are a Christian but you have been a bit lax on your quiet time. Or maybe you do pray, but you want to strengthen your prayer time.

No matter where you are in your belief system or journey, my challenge to you over the next 20 days is to spend 5 minutes each day practicing these simple prayer suggestions.  There is one for each day. At the end of the 20 days, I’m certain you will feel more peace and a stronger connection to the power of spiritual conversation.

A 20-Day Guide to Better Spiritual Conversations

Day 1: You are not too busy. You have plenty of down time. Do it in the car, shower, during your lunch break, before bed, brushing your teeth – you get my point.  You can carve out 5 minutes a day.  Start today. For 5 minutes during one of these activities, start your spiritual conversation about what ever is on your mind.

Day 2: Keep a prayer list or journal. Sometimes we can’t think of what to say.  This helps us to get clear on what we want to talk about and to remember things we need help with or others need help with. Today make list of anything on your mind or in your immediate surroundings that could use a little love. Then pray for the list.

Day 3: Have a place where you like to go or sit to pray. Once you have found a good time for your 5-minute break, I suggest finding a good spot also. This comfort and repetition will help with clearing your mind.  Find your spot today and pray your list there.

Day 4: Talk just like you talk to your friends. There is no formalized language. Just talk as if you were asking for advice from your best friend.  Today, just talk.

prayer is simply talking to God

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Day 5: Ask for help. Today pick something you need help with. It can be anything.  Help with finances, a presentation, an illness, a relationship – ask for God’s help.

Day 6: Ask for forgiveness. Today focus on the things you might need forgiveness on.  What are the things in your life that you feel regret towards? Things you feel bad for doing or saying. The way you treated someone. Spend your 5 minutes asking for forgiveness on as many things you can think of.  It’s ok – none of us are perfect. Let it rip.

Day 7: Ask for strength. What is it that you need strength or courage for? For me, when I was getting sober, I needed strength to get through everyday and stay clean.  Maybe you need strength for a personal issue or to help a loved one. Ask for God to strengthen you and to give you courage, might and wisdom to push through.

Day 8: Pray for love and kindness. This is the ultimate prayer to use everyday. If you don’t know what to pray for, pray for love, kindness and patience. These are all things each and every one of us can never have enough of.

Day 9: Ask for direction. We are all faced daily with decisions.  Pray that God will help you make the next right decision.

Day 10: Pray for others. I try to incorporate this piece into my prayers everyday. Today take the focus off of you. Pray for everyone in your life. For your friend who lost their job. For your family member who is sick. For a close friend that just had a baby or is getting married. For anyone you know that is struggling in any way. Pray for them.

Day 11: K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple, Stupid. God isn’t keeping track of how you pray; he just wants to hear from you. It’s not a complicated process. Today, keep it short and simple.

Day 12: Say THANK YOU! This is a huge one. While we are busy asking for things, we need to remember that we should always be thankful for the blessings we do have in our life. Everyday I tell God what I am thankful for. Today, what are you thankful for?

Day 13: Get brutally honest. He already knows what is in your heart. Vocalize it. It’s a time for intimacy. Today bring your deepest, darkest secrets to God.

Day 14: Be specific. When you are praying, be precise about what you are asking for. Use names and definitive descriptions. Today focus on being very descriptive.

Day 15: Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you. It truly is as simple as that. The more time you spend, the more you ask for help with, the more you will feel His presence. Today focus on this closeness.

Day 16: Speak out loud. This one is hard for me sometimes. God likes it when you passionately and purposefully speak to him. Today say your whole 5-minute prayer out LOUD.

Day 17: No prayer goes unanswered, even if it is not answered in your timing or with the response you wanted. Maybe you’ve been praying but you haven’t gotten your answer. Don’t lose hope. It’s coming. Today your conversation may need to be to express something you are frustrated with.

Day 18: A “no” is usually a blessing in disguise. On the flip side, maybe you did get your answer and it was a NO. “Never put a question mark where God put a period.” Today pray for peace and acceptance of something you wanted but didn’t get.

Day 19: Just for a minute, even if it seems impossible, imagine that God does have things to say to you that could redirect your life. Now that you have practiced praying for almost 20 days, the next step is to pray and then listen. Get really quiet.  What do you hear?

Day 20: Write it down when you receive guidance or answers. This is a big one. I just started doing this and it has been amazing to look back through my notes. Today, after you pray, write down what you hear afterwards.

Click Here For A Pretty, Printable Version of the 20-Day Guide

The more we are connected to God through our conversations with Him, the more he fills us with the Holy Spirit. This introduces more loving, rational, caring and overall better ways of thinking and communicating into our lives.

“One good reason to pray: God can do more in one second than what we can do for ourselves in a life time.” –Unknown

What IF you could get answers you are looking for? What IF your life could begin to change in the direction you truly want? What IF everything everyone says about this whole God thing is true? What IF???

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