Meaningful Conversations

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Today I write in awe of how grateful I am for the people in my life. New, old, repaired and even the damaged relationships around me are gentle reminders of how we are all interconnected.

I’ve been fortunate this past week, in particular, to have so many meaningful conversations, from serious, to sad, to prayerful to advice-full, to playful and even philosophical.

I’m left very impressed at God’s grace to allow me to have moments like these within my reachable circle of relationships. It’s a tribute to all the many blessings I continue to see around me. It also reminds me that we are always having conversations: internally, externally and, hopefully, spiritually, which is the most crucial conversation of all.

It has lead me to a topic I feel moved to dive into as the conversations we have every day shape our life and play an important role in the development of our future, our character and our entire journey.


We put off having.

That leave us grinning from ear to ear.

We have to admit we are wrong.

Those we don’t know the right words to say.

We have to ask for advice.

The one in our head that keeps telling the same story over and over.

Those that challenge us.

The uplifting talks.

The debates.

Our cries for help.

The ones that move us to tears.

The ones we say things we can’t take back.

Those that bring us much needed healing.

The laugh-from-your-belly, hilarious ones.

Those that we realize we either did all the talking or all the listening.

The unforgettable ones.

The difficult ones.

Those where we learn the bitter taste of swallowing our pride.

How about the ones where life decisions are made?

Or the ones where we have to show the real nitty-gritty rawness of our feelings.

These conversations are each constantly and perpetually changing us.

As you can imagine, our communication patterns can tell us a lot about ourselves. The conversations we have or need to have can affect us on so many levels. Ultimately, the more we are able to truly express ourselves in conversation, the higher our connection and the more we allow ourselves to evolve.

Over the next few posts, I’ll discuss conversations and how each type of conversation we might have can vastly impact our lives. I’ll also share advice on what has worked for me to experience more meaningful conversations and thus a more meaningful life.

Give some thought to your recent conversations. Were they meaningful? Can you recall the ones that left you speechless, if any? Are you holding on to anything left unsaid?

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