Show Appreciation

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This practice is so simple, yet we tend to forget to do it as often as we should.  Simultaneous things start happening all at once when we get into a practice of showing appreciation.

First, you honor those who have helped you or that you need to thank.  By honoring them in your mind you recognize a deed they did or something they said that was encouraging to you in some form.  Something that made you feel good because of them.  So, think of it as a small way to repay the favor.

Next, you actually voice the appreciation.  Be creative with it and be detailed about it.  Thank you’s go such a long way.  Send a text, or tweet, post on a Facebook wall, send an email, or even drop a card in the mail.  Whatever form you choose to express your appreciation, make it known and personalized.  So, send more than just “thank you” if you can.  “Thank you for_____________, it made me very happy and I appreciate you!”

For example, I try to practice appreciation on Twitter.  If you retweet me or mention me, you will likely at some point get a shoutout.  I usually say “Thx for the RT’S” and I name out everyone that has retweeted me in the past few days.  Another way I like to send a thank you is through email.  I’ll find some sort of visual inspiration such as a graphic or picture that ties into my message. I’ll take 2-5 minutes to craft a note and send it off.  The last one I sent was to a person to whom I had been a houseguest.  Even though they are one of my very best friends and I knew I was more than welcome, I still practiced showing appreciation.  Even when you think it goes “unsaid” that you are appreciative, send a note or tell them anyways.  I have yet to send one where I didn’t get a positive response.

Not only that, but the person will remember you sent it because it was a “feel-good” moment.  It makes the other person feel good.  It shows that you recognized their support.  It connects you to the person on just a slightly deeper level.  Whether you know them very well or hardly at all, either way, a display of appreciation is a sure smile winner.  And so often, especially these days, things go unnoticed.

If someone gets you a gift or calls you to see how you are doing or makes you food, always be sure to show them appreciation.  You never know, you may just be the only person that day to praise them for their goodness.  You may be the deciding factor on if that person sheds a smile or feels a little tingle in their heart that day.  Think about the power of that.  Think of how you feel when someone warmly sends you a note or word of praise.  It feels good.  You feel good.  They feel good.  We all feel good.  Kind of like ice cream…Ice cream, you scream, we all scream…to be appreciated!

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