Celebrating Sobriety

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This week I celebrated seven years of sobriety from alcohol and cocaine. On 8/17/2008 something shifted in me and I decided I didn’t want to live that way anymore. And that was it – by the grace of God, sobriety became my new normal. All I can say is that if you want something for yourself, go after it. Life is … Read More

Pressing The Pause Button

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My plan was to put out some epic post this week in honor of my soberversary on Monday. As I sat in a bubble bath tonight, I contemplated not writing at all or doing it tomorrow or this weekend. But then I decided to just be real with you. The only epic I’m feeling lately is epically overwhelmed and emotional. … Read More

How To Get Started With Sobriety

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Understanding how to get started with sobriety takes geniune perspective along with willingness to begin. It also requires brutal honesty with oneself and support from our loved ones to allow the process to happen naturally and organically. We cannot teach someone something they are not ready to learn. We cannot experience it for them. People must go through things on their … Read More