Let Go of Your Unworthiness

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One of the biggest distractions we face as humans is when we hold on to unworthiness.  That all too recognizable feeling we get when we think we aren’t good enough.  This is a paralyzing trick our ego plays on us as often as possible and it can be the sole reason to keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns, relationships and … Read More

The Power of Prayer

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You may not realize it, but there is a powerful force that dwells inside you.  When you tap into the energy of God, magical things begin to happen.  I understand all this talk about God may make you uncomfortable as I realize it may be unfamiliar territory for some of you.  And that is ok.  All I ask is that … Read More

The First Step Towards Finding Happiness

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The formal definition of happiness is: a state of well being characterized by a range of emotions from contentment to intense joy. I recently started to ponder what my definition of “happiness,” would be if someone asked me. I believe everyone knows it to be the same type of feeling, but that similarity in feeling is often a brought about … Read More

Fall In Love…With You

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Self Love

Realize that you need to spend time with yourself.  Get to know those parts of  yourself that you have been avoiding or running from.  There is a shift that will happen when you get comfortable being alone.  Your thoughts become louder and you get to a place where you are forced to confront your situation.  There is an inner strength … Read More