Let Go of Your Unworthiness

Carly BensonRealize0 Comments


One of the biggest distractions we face as humans is when we hold on to unworthiness.  That all too recognizable feeling we get when we think we aren’t good enough.  This is a paralyzing trick our ego plays on us as often as possible and it can be the sole reason to keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns, relationships and habits.

The only person who can deem you unworthy of anything is yourself.  So, please be very careful about what you let yourself believe.  These types of feelings and thoughts are birthed in us at a very early age by all sorts of events in our lives, which can program us for negative self-talk and hold us back from our true potential.

We think our dreams are too big.  Our goals are unattainable because we don’t deserve them.  We’re not worthy of finding true love, so we settle for what we can get.  That job or promotion isn’t within reach.  And forget about that body we have always wanted.  We’ll never have any of it.  Sound familiar?

These are all examples of your evil ego, as I like to call it.  Most people think of the ego in the sense of having a big head or too much pride, but there is a flip side to your ego as well.  This side is negative and overcrowded with fear.  Just as your ego can talk you into how great it thinks you are, it can also easily talk you out of feeling worthy and deserving.

In my quest for sobriety and happiness, I began to realize so many of my skeletons stemmed from a place of feeling unworthy.  It was present in so many different forms for me.  From feeling like I didn’t fit in to feeling like I wasn’t pretty enough and even to the feelings I had about what I deserved in a relationship.  So much of what I was silently struggling with came from the exact same root – “I’m not good enough.” I was fooled by my evil ego for so long.  My life changed dramatically once I realized and released myself from the firm grip it had on me.

Let me ask you something: If YOU believe yourself to be unworthy, do you think you will attain anything beyond what you believe you deserve?  I can help you answer this.  Your thoughts are extremely important to the life you live.  Your life is a direct reflection of what you believe.  If you don’t believe you deserve a better life, chances are you won’t be able to live one.  If you don’t believe in God, chances are you can’t see his blessings.

If you can shift your mindset to wholeheartedly begin to believe that you are ready for the life of your dreams and not only ready, but FULLY worthy, you have already begun to write a new story.  What you tell yourself is just that: your story.  You can literally turn the page and change it any given moment. It begins with you spending your energy focusing on what it is that you really desire.  Then believe in your preparedness for what it is that you truly want.

Let go of your unworthiness.  It can be as simple as that.

You are worthy.  You are ready.  Miracles do happen.  All to the degree in which you believe.