The Power of Prayer

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You may not realize it, but there is a powerful force that dwells inside you.  When you tap into the energy of God, magical things begin to happen.  I understand all this talk about God may make you uncomfortable as I realize it may be unfamiliar territory for some of you.  And that is ok.  All I ask is that you are open to the idea that there is a power higher than you.  For me this is God.  I believe in him wholeheartedly and my testimony of how he has saved my life and delivered me through a radical change is something I find absolutely remarkable.

Before my doom’s day where I hit rock bottom, I had never really prayed before.  I, too, was unsure what to say or how to say it.  When do you pray?  How do you pray?  Let me break it down for you, there is no wrong way to pray!  All you need to do is start a conversation with your Higher Power, which my hope is that eventually once you see the power behind it you will believe that to be God.

When you begin to speak to your God, there are no boundaries.  Ask for help.  Beg for forgiveness.  Talk to him just like you would your best friend, but be even more open.  Remember, he created to you.  He knows every single hair on your head.  He knows what is in your heart and what’s on your mind before you even speak it.

The idea of prayer to acknowledge and voice all that you have in your mind.  Set your intentions and get brutally honest with what it is you are seeking guidance on.

There are different types of prayers.  As my thoughts have grown immensely into prayer intended thoughts and as I have grown spiritually, I have noticed that I ask for advice and forgiveness, but I also pray for others.  There is a healing energy that comes into you when you pray for people in your life, even those who have hurt you.  When you pray for the people you may be angry with and ask for the ability to forgive them and you pray for their happiness even though they may not be the cause of yours, you take away their power.

After I sustained my sobriety and was well on my way to living a much healthier life, I no longer had drugs and alcohol as my escape.  Therefore, life got stressful and I had to find other ways to cope.  This is one thing you need to learn also.  You can’t rely on the old ways you are breaking away from any longer.  It is important that you create a solid system to fall back on to when times get tough.  A big part of my system has been prayer.  When I’m feeling any kind of conflict, worry, upset, sadness, confusion, etc. I immediately stop, drop and pray.  Get into this habit. You will notice how these emotions begin to evaporate over time.

You could even pray right now that you will have the strength and mindset to start this practice and that God would guide you in times of need and remind you to rely on him.  That’s what he wants.  He wants to be number one in your life.  If you make him number one, he will take away your troubles and bless your life beyond anything you can imagine.

You may be thinking this sounds like too much for you or that you’re not a religious person.  That’s ok.  You don’t have to be.  Imagine the possibility that doing this one minor thing, praying, could have an immense effect on your life.  Wouldn’t it be worth a try?  What do you have to lose really?   Ok, so you might spend some time talking to what seems like yourself.  So, what? On the flip side, what if what I’m telling you to try really does work?  It could be just the thing you are looking for.  You do want help, don’t you?