Everything Is Temporary

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everything is temporary

The other day during a prayer meditation, I was reminded that everything is temporary. Everything.

Then I saw this quote a few hours later, reconfirming the message I received during my meditation.

“Everything is temporary; Emotions, thoughts, people and scenery. Do not get attached, just flow with it.”

When we really think about it, the only thing truly permanent in this life is change. Things already changed in the few moments it took you read this sentence. From the time, to the clouds outside and perhaps even your mood. We, as humans, are constantly evolving, as is the world around us.

In my recent travels, I have been reminded of so much; how fast time goes by and how temporary each moment is. When we think of life in terms of temporariness, it adds a layer of simplicity to things.

Emotions become easier to accept and it creates space for us to become witness to them instead of reacting to or with them. When we realize that each emotion, whether good or bad, is only temporary, we begin to see that they pass by us rather quickly if we let them. Instead of getting stuck on how we are feeling moment to moment, we can remind ourselves that “this too shall pass.” For negative emotions is a real relief and for positive emotions it helps us to relish in the present moment just a little bit more by hanging on to the happy pieces of emotions we feel.

Thoughts run through our minds a hundred miles a minute it feels like some times. I don’t know about you, but my mind races at lightening speed especially when I feel myself trying to control the present moment or future as well as when I’m living in the past. I have noticed since I received this gentle reminder about impermanence, it has helped me to watch my thoughts come and go more freely instead of worrying or making up scenarios in my head of all possible outcomes. It takes guts and bravery to let things just be allowing them to unfold and play out just as they will, regardless of our revolving door of thoughts around them.

As sad as it may seem to say, people in our lives can be temporary also. We all have an expiration date in life. When we begin to think in those terms we can see that the people around us are only there for a fixed amount of time. This helps us build and create more meaningful relationships because it teaches us to have more appreciation for people while they are around. Tomorrow is never guaranteed as cliché as it sounds, so make sure the ones you love and  those who support you, know who they are. Cherish your moments together because you never know when that person may have an exiting role in your story for reasons you may never know or predict.

The beautiful thing about life is we never know what is coming next. Everything can change in the blink of an eye, whether we like it or not. We must learn to delight in what is here, in the now, right this very moment. We must develop an attitude of gratitude for what is right in front of us. We must understand that when things feel like they are going wrong, they can also turn around in an instant. And just as we feel like we are on cloud nine, a storm could hit and send us back down to reality.

When we think of life in terms of things being impermanent it has the ability to shift our perceptions.

You are a little older and wiser after the time it took you to read this. Not to mention you cannot get back the five minutes you just spent reading it either. And for that I am thankful.

What this tells all of us is that NOW is the time. Because right now is temporary.

It reminds me to never get too caught up in any one thing or person. Each moment is fleeting and passing along with whatever it contains. Let us stay focused on the present moment because it is all we truly have. Each moment passes us by and changes and although it may seem slow at times, the clock still ticks and the time still passes.

Let us not take for granted what and who we have in our lives because it could all be gone tomorrow. Let us hold on as tightly as we can to that which makes us happy. Let us remember that problems don’t stay problems, they always turn into something else eventually; be it a lesson, insight or a new way of living.

We only have this one life. What are you going to do with today? Because today is temporary and it will soon be tomorrow.

Let us be moved to grab life by the horns and saddle up for what ever it throws at us knowing there is nothing coming our way that will stay forever.

Let it motivate us to work harder in this moment to seize opportunities while they are still present and get comfortable with letting things gracefully go that no longer serve us.

Never forget to take time to swim in moments that will soon be memories. Take it all in. Live life to the fullest in each moment. Take care of your body and your mind in the best way you know how because it is the only one you’ve got. Be aware of that which lights you up and don’t waste any more time on things, people or places that take your shine from you.

Life is too short and nothing lasts forever. Here today, gone tomorrow. Everything is temporary; nothing more, nothing less.

  • Cheryl Sanclemente

    Amen, Carly. Beautifully written.

  • Shayán Qureshí

    Reading this was my meditation. I can already feel the positive energy all around me