How To Deal With Losing A Friend

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I got a call last week that one of my best friends from college had passed away in the night. As my heart sank and my eyes welled up with tears, it seemed like the world stopped for those brief moments as it sank in. This person was someone I was very close with in college and spent a lot … Read More

How To Get Started With Sobriety

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Understanding how to get started with sobriety takes geniune perspective along with willingness to begin. It also requires brutal honesty with oneself and support from our loved ones to allow the process to happen naturally and organically. We cannot teach someone something they are not ready to learn. We cannot experience it for them. People must go through things on their … Read More

Everything Is Temporary

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everything is temporary

The other day during a prayer meditation, I was reminded that everything is temporary. Everything. Then I saw this quote a few hours later, reconfirming the message I received during my meditation. “Everything is temporary; Emotions, thoughts, people and scenery. Do not get attached, just flow with it.” When we really think about it, the only thing truly permanent in … Read More

What We See In Others Is A Reflection

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everyone is a reflection of ourselves

Life is a delicate process of working to better ourselves. Sometimes this entails healing pieces of ourselves to allow that betterment to unfold. Other times, it means stretching ourselves into new levels by shining light and bringing forth our good qualities. Lately, I’ve been noticing how people reflect these pieces of the process back to us through their behaviors and characteristics. I … Read More

6 Ways To Handle Anger

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how to handle anger

I have a confession: I recently lost my temper. Like, I completely lost my cool. Straight up red faced, raised voice, fuming: the whole nine. And I honestly don’t remember the last time this happened. It has easily been over a year since anger of this nature paid me a visit. I allowed anger, frustration, emotion and worry get the best … Read More

Accepting Our Assignments In Life

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accepting your mission in life

We live in a society that is driven by the white picket fence, fairytale, happy-ever-after mentality that is painted in movies, books and across media. The reality of this is that it’s not always meant to be happily ever after. We meet people and enter into relationships for love or business and we immediately begin fantasizing about this being the … Read More

12 Concepts For Accepting Chaos

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Chaos is defined as disorder, confusion and unpredictability. Throughout our lives, we will be met with patches of chaos and challenge that will shift our paths and cause us to re-evaluate, help us define who we are and ultimately play the lead in our evolution. There have been many times in my own life where confusion and disarray have been … Read More

Accepting Grace

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When I think about grace it is hard to give it a blanket definition. The more I’ve learned about all the ways grace shows up in life, I’m also still learning how to accept grace in it’s many forms. It got me thinking about what grace is to me. I asked myself what it looks like, where and when it … Read More

10 Truths About Accepting Life

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accepting life

I saw a quote the other day that spoke so loudly to me. It said: “You only see what your eyes want to see.” The reason this resonated with me is because in my journey of life and sobriety, I can remember so many times that I didn’t accept life as it was happening in front of me. I always … Read More