3 Tips to Overcome Negativity

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If you allow your thoughts and feelings to stay in a negative state, your situation will likely stay there as well.  What you choose to focus on will ultimately remain your reality.  When you realize you don’t need to think negatively and that you DO have a choice, it becomes easier to make the decision not to stay in that space.  This is such a powerful lesson once we get it.  I’ve put together 3 tips on how to overcome negativity to help you with this.

1) Expect the Best Case Scenario

Ok, so you are experiencing negative vibes about something.  Maybe you lost your job, or maybe you found out your partner is cheating, or maybe you are like me and you are battling with a bad habit.  It doesn’t matter what it is, we as humans all have situations like these arise when we slip off track and things begin to feel like we are on a downward spiral. The good news: is you are not the only one.  So, there is your first nugget of optimism.

Here is the second.  What if this time you expect the best-case scenario?  How about this time, you think of all the things that could go right? Your life will flow in the direction of your dominant conversation.  When we keep our thoughts and energy in a positive frame, our life has no choice but to go along with it.  Conversely, if it is nasty and negative you can bet that you’ll stay right there too.

2) Stop the Fight

The harder we fight something, the weaker we become, over time which causes us to get stuck.  I’m not saying to bow down and let life walk all over you.  Sometimes we need to stand up for what we believe in, but other times, it’s important to stop the crazy fight in our head, take a look at our problems from a different perspective and remember the outlook we have on them determines the ease of the solution.

Often times the main struggle we face is the one going on in our own head.  It’s time to take off the punching gloves.  Take a step back and give yourself a good look in the mirror.  That head sitting on top of your shoulders has a lot of power resting inside of it.  Think accordingly.

3) Remember When It’s Right, It Feels That Way Too

You will never have to force anything that is truly meant for you.  So, if something is causing you to feel negativity or grief, then it’s most likely time to start re-evaluating how much longer you are going to allow it to continue.  When you’re on the path you’re supposed to be on, things are pretty simple.  You won’t feel uneasy, pressured or any negative emotions.

This rings true for just about anything.  If you feel bad about eating foods you know you shouldn’t, you are technically forcing eating habits you know are not right for you.  If a relationship is on the outs and it feels like its so much work to stay happy, chances are it’s not the right one for you.

Let me show you this at work.

For me, every time I drank and did drugs, I felt terrible the next day.  Not only was I feeling the effects physically, but even more so mentally.  I was beating myself up over how bad my habit had gotten.  It became very forced for me to have fun and put on a happy face because guilt and pessimism had infiltrated my mind.  No matter how hard I tried, the negative tornado in my head was ripping my happiness from its roots, piece by piece.  Thankfully, I was finally able to see the havoc these negative thoughts were wreaking on my life

They lead me straight into a lifestyle that began to feel extremely strained and difficult. Therefore, my life started heading in that same direction, directly to Negativeville.  What I had not realized was that I had built a freaking mansion right in the center of town.  Fully equipped with all the bells and whistles I could ever need to perpetuate this palace of poo I had created.

My awareness began to set in as I caught myself living this negative, sedentary life.  I literally got on my knees one day and asked God for help. I had no clue what I was doing, but I just knew that the way I was living was not working.  Within minutes of my cry for help, I felt happier.  I started thinking positive thoughts of how I could get through this.  “You got this, Carly,” became programmed into my daily mentality.

I was able to change my life because my mind was behind this newfound realization.  I had to get my thoughts on board first before I could change my life.  Once we (my thoughts and I, that is) were working in unison towards what felt right, things just started to gel.  I no longer needed my fix of drugs and alcohol to find happiness because my thoughts were already coming from a happy place.

The change started to occur because I allowed it to.  Not only did I allow it, but I also encouraged it.  I opened up to the idea that I was the one that needed to change.  Then, I became receptive to the idea that the environment I was generating needed to change also.  I stopped talking about my issues and started talking to them.  And God, of course.  I asked him to help me break free from negativity by providing me with the strength and wisdom I needed to overcome it.

My happiness was restored.  I realized life was just too short to keep complaining or sitting around wishing things felt good.  It was time to do something about it.  First, I imagined the best-case scenario, which was that I could actually do this.  Then, I stopped the fight in my head.  And lastly, I realized that when I got on the right path, things started to feel good and got so much easier.  These small shifts in my thoughts paved the way to miraculous change.

What are you stuck on right now? Are you ready to give this a try? Do you know someone that these ideas could help?

Miracles Are Brewing…

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