Every Ending Is A New Beginning

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miracles are brewing carly benson

They say Easter demonstrates how much can happen in just 3 days and I can’t help but take it as a beautiful sign that my birthday coincided with the celebration of resurrection this year. This is an amazing display of new beginnings that I was honored to feel so in harmony with. It’s a reminder to us all that there … Read More

20 Lessons I’ve Learned From 20,000 People

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miracles are brewing carly benson

Well, it must be my LUCKY day! I was struggling to write yesterday with everything swirling around in my head about moving and the next chapter of my life, which officially starts tomorrow as I move out of my beloved sanctuary (aka my condo). I’ve been so busy this past week with it all that I slightly lost track of … Read More

How Routines Can Make You More Productive

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how routines can help your productivity carly benson barcelona

We don’t realize how routinely driven we are until we take a look at our daily routines. My life has become fairly regimented for reasons that support my sobriety, but also because I’m an orderly type of person in general. I went through an exercise with one of my coaches that helped me see how routines can make you more … Read More

18 Things I’ve Learned From Decluttering

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what I learned from decluttering carly benson

Have you ever cleaned your entire house and looked around feeling refreshed and almost rejuvenated that everything is in order, clean and organized? When you sit down after cleaning your brains out and you think to yourself, “THIS feels good,” and you feel so accomplished and on top of your game because in that moment the clutter has subsided in … Read More