20 Lessons I’ve Learned From 20,000 People

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Well, it must be my LUCKY day! I was struggling to write yesterday with everything swirling around in my head about moving and the next chapter of my life, which officially starts tomorrow as I move out of my beloved sanctuary (aka my condo). I’ve been so busy this past week with it all that I slightly lost track of what other miracles are brewing…

Last night when I couldn’t seem to force myself to stay awake to finish my blog for today, I felt a bit defeated and frustrated. I told myself I would wake up early to finish it. Procrastination at its finest. And ironically, I was going to be writing about…well…procrastination.

However, when I woke up this morning and checked the Miracles Are Brewing Facebook page, I was greeted with something that made my heart flip and filled me with so much joyful inspriation. Over night, the page surpassed 20,000 likes!! This day is something I only dreamed of a few years ago as I started out on this writing expedition. This synergistic accomplishment has breathed new life into me and could not have come at a more perfect time. I’m bowing in heartfelt thankfulness and divine astonishment.

I wanted to take time to truly thank each and every one of you who has been part of this journey with me. Whether you knew me in my party girl days, you joined in after I became a reformed party girl or if you’ve been a reader and supporter from further away – THANK YOU! I could not do this without you and I am honored to be allowed in your inboxes, feeds and life.

I created my first blog post for Miracles Are Brewing in October 2012. I kept it quiet for months before I finally gathered the courage to share something to Facebook in April 2013. This all started out as something that was therapeutic for me. As I started to share this work with others, it became clear to me by their reactions that it could help others overcome their addictions and hang-ups in life by sharing what I have learned over the years through my recovery from drugs and alcohol. And so, it began.

It has been so amazing to watch this all come to life, grow exponentially faster than I anticipated and to be privileged with a platform to reach people. I dropped to my knees in 2008 begging for a miracle of sobriety. Then I prayed for a platform to reach people who were struggling like I did. I have been given both. For this, I could not be more grateful nor feel more responsibility to continue to cultivate these gifts, which I fully intend to do. Many exciting things are happening and there is much more to come, this I promise you.

This milestone is a reminder to me of all the lessons I’ve learned along the way and I wanted to share them with all of you as I express my sincere gratitude.

20 Lessons I’ve Learned From 20,000 People

  1. Hard work will eventually show for itself if you show up for it everyday.
  2. When you have a vision you will always have the corresponding abilities to see it through also.
  3. Staying consistent and patient are the keys to excellence. Small wins over time turn into big wins.
  4. It’s all a process. Literally everything in life is a process. Allow it to unfold.
  5. Our evolution is fueled by our desire to evolve. The stronger the desire is, the bigger the waves of change will be.
  6. When you make a commitment to yourself and follow through with it, no matter what hurdles you encounter, you will not only be successful, but you will also be wildly fulfilled.
  7. Being of service to others is what this life is about. Spread good love everywhere you go. What you put out is ultimately what you will be surrounded by.
  8. Speak your truth. People can’t argue or be mad at you when you are honest about who you truly are. Someone once told me to “stop hiding,” and that has made all the difference.
  9. There will be haters and people who try to steal your shine, but we can just think of them as confused fans. Love them all anyways and let it motivate you to shine even brighter.
  10. It takes a while to find your groove sometimes, but when you find it it will move you and make you dance like never before. Go with it.
  11. Everything in life is a learning opportunity if you let it become one. We are all in this together, learning things as we go. Don’t forget to stop every once in a while and appreciate the lessons. When you shift your focus to gratitude you’ll have more to be grateful for.
  12. Life is happening now. And it’s happening fast. Go after your dreams. NOW. What are you waiting for? You already have everything you need to begin.
  13. Make sure your interactions are setting you up for leaving positive impressions on others. There is no better form of encouragement than hearing from someone who you’ve impacted in a positive way.
  14. Put out good vibes and be selective about the vibes you allow around you. Your tribe affects your vibe.
  15. Sobriety is the most daring, exciting and exhilarating adventure I’ll ever be on. I do declare: I’m Sober, Not Boring. It’s my mission to teach this to as many lovely souls as possible.
  16. Life will rain down on you with storms causing you to be shook and rattled at times. The purpose of a storm is to transform you. We never exit a storm as the same person who entered it. Always remember, this too shall pass.
  17. The people in your circle of trust can make you or break you. Choose wisely. I have a solid team of peeps in mine who have been instrumental in my development. Thank you, sincerely – you know who you are.
  18. Being vulnerable and putting yourself out there – Daring Greatly – is the best way to live. Showing people who you really are is some of the most important work you will ever do and it will garner you with the connection we are all so desperately seeking to feel.
  19. When you hear a calling, whether it’s to start or stop something, to go or leave somewhere, to do something scary or to take things to the next level, don’t delay in taking action. You’re hearing it for a reason. Blessings await you.
  20. Lastly and most importantly, God is SO good. If it weren’t for my faith, I would have nothing. Surrendering to something greater than ourselves is what makes us great. I am blessed.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You truly have no idea what all of this means to me and I can only hope to keep expressing and creating meaningful, significant and relevant work that shows everyone exactly how committed I am to helping other people change their lives. Miracles ARE Brewing… Namaste.