The Importance Of Having A Vision

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This weekend I embark on a new journey. Several months ago I was given a vision of studying yoga on a deeper level by enrolling in teacher training. At first, it was a small tug on my heart, but it became louder and the vision around it became more vivid.

I began having daydreams and visualizations of yoga retreats and wellness gatherings tied together with international destinations in my mind. This vision has turned into a business plan and has become what I know as the next level and chapter of Miracles Are Brewing.

Indeed, they are always brewing.

After prayerfully considering what the small voice inside me was saying, I decided to say yes to this vision and sign up for Baptiste Teacher Training in Sedona. This is the first part of two levels of training where I will earn a double certification, one as a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher and the other as Baptiste certified to practice that particular method.

It all started with this vision that took shape and form as it grew into a reality.

It got me thinking about the importance of having a vision. There are so many elements to a definitive and distinctive vision for the future. When we get our mind focused on a goal, vision, game plan or strong desire for what we want in our future, magic starts to happen as things start to align in it’s favor.

A strong vision…

Pulls you forwards.

Gives you something to work towards.

Keeps you on track and motivated. Even when you get off track, it’s something you can always come back to.

Allows you to design your life to mold into it.

Wouldn’t be given to you if you didn’t have the corresponding abilities to see it through. God never places something on our hearts that he won’t carry us to with some hard work .

Supersedes fear when it is clear enough. When your vision dances through your head, it breathes life, inspiration and creativity into you. And when you’re vibing on those fumes, fear dissipates.

What is your vision? Do you know what you want? Have you talked to God to ask him to help you understand where he wants you to start heading next? If not, take some time to sit with yourself and give some thought and prayer to the vision for your life, even if that only entails your next chapter.

What are your dreams?

What is calling your name?

What do you keep hearing or seeing or thinking about doing?

How do you really want to be spending your precious time on this earth?

A vision isn’t about materialistic things, in my opinion. It has much more to do with building a life around what fills your soul up and feeds the things you’re passionate about.

Yoga for me has been so instrumental in my life not only for my own personal development, fitness and inner peace, but also as a solid practice in my sobriety. My love of yoga and wanting to help others as a life coach is beginning to converge as I work towards creating wellness retreats around the world. I can’t wait to keep sharing with you as this vision unfolds.

I’ll be taking the next week off from writing as I intend on going off the grid for the most part to really take in the experience. Usually when you unplug anything and turn it back on, it resets itself and works a little faster. This is true for us too. I’ll see you in a couple weeks with new insight, more momentum and a whole lot of yoga under my belt. Namaste.

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    Have a great time – enjoy!