Our intentions create our reality

The Art of Intentional Living

The Art of Intentional Living is an intimate Group Coaching Program designed to help you get reacquainted with your truths, values and intentions. This program will take you on a journey through 5 Modules in 5 Weeks that will help you realign with yourself and identify how you truly want to be living. This program is open to anyone who wants to live a more intentional life – one that promotes vivid clarity, radical inner empowerment and a much more mindful approach to everyday life choices.

When we begin living and taking action from our intentions, life opens up in beautiful ways. Whether you are in recovery, curious about living vice-free or simply want to begin a new course of direction in any area of your life – this program will help you redefine and refine your who you are and how you CHOOSE to show up in this world.

Are you ready to live more intentionally, play bigger & vibe higher?

Imagine waking up everyday absolutely loving your life.

Imagine what it would feel like to break a bad habit that has been keeping you stuck.

How would it feel to live a life like the one you keep saying you want to, but can’t seem to figure out how?

What if you could get clear on what you truly want from life and create a plan to make it happen?

Imagine living a life you consciously create instead of waking up into Groundhog Day on autopilot everyday.

If this is speaking to you, here’s your chance! 

It’s time to start taking action from a place of complete clarity and alignment to your values & desires.

You CAN have a life you are totally passionate about – one that is free of addictions, hang ups & habits that weigh you down.

You’ll learn how to integrate your values & intentions into how you live & apply that knowledge into everyday life.

Your potential is burning inside & it’s time to figure out what’s really possible for you & then design your life around that.

You’ll have a tribe of people supporting you & helping you see you’re not alone in the pursuit of a purposeful life.

This all can be yours should you choose to accept the journey into the Art of Intentional Living.



    In order to create momentum and change, we must first bring a heightened sense of awareness into the fold – this will be our starting point. We will identify where we may be stuck or blocked, areas of habitual self-defeat and we will locate the places that may be out of alignment with our core ambitions. We will do a value assessment while also taking a look at our beliefs, which will offer necessary recalibration as we commence. This will also help us begin practicing more mindfulness as it relates to our internal dialogue, thoughts and actions.


    Often the culprit of habit or living out of congruence with our core values is a lack of emotional intelligence or processing capacity. This week is designed to gently guide us through sitting with ourselves, taking an honest look in the mirror, healing through feeling and practicing self-love, forgiveness and compassion. We will learn to be truth tellers and seek new levels of harmony with our emotions, even the negative ones. We must release and surrender stagnant emotions and energy that keep us from living in genuine intentionality.


    Next, we will move into illuminating and carefully clarifying what it is we truly want out of life. We will dive deep into desires, passions, goals and the visioning process. You will be guided to craft your own, personal Intention Mission Statement, which will set the tone for your journey through the program and beyond. Understanding how you intend to live is foundational to designing a life you love waking up into every day. Once we are clear on our intentions, we can start taking action from a place of aligned clarity and vitality – the crux of intentional living.


    Radical self-discovery plays a massive role in living an intentional life. We will explore self-care, spiritual practices, boundary setting, mindful nourishment and gratitude exercises together as you create a roadmap to what your Art of Intentional Living looks like. You will design and implement your Intentional Living Tool Box as you move through what speaks to your soul and supports your definitive path. This week will set you up with subtle yet powerful shifts that will reengineer how you approach life and teach you how to reset if you’ve veered off course.


This is the seemingly magical process of transformation, creation and integration of intentional living into your everyday life. Now that you are completely dialed into your consciousness on a new level, you are ready to amplify into heart-centered alignment with your intuition, spirit and faith. This week will focus on helping you move into synchronization with your intentions and ultimately will give birth to greater purpose and presence inside of you. You will leave the program with a renewed sense of self, a resolute commitment to your intentions and a new ability to gracefully practice profound mindfulness in your decisions, choices and how you show up to your one and only precious life.

What You Will Receive On Your Journey:

  • Connector.

    Weekly Emails & Videos

    Each week you will receive an email & pre-recorded video, which will break the week down, provide inquiry opportunities and assignments as well as guide you on your journey. Communications will give you a daily guide to work through.

  • Connector.

    Live Sessions

    We will be doing a live group coaching session together each week, where I will lecture on each module, allow time for discussion/questions and provide coaching. This is an chance for us to interact and dive into the program together.

  • Connector.

    Weekly Assignments & Daily Prompts

    You will receive assignments & daily prompts to work on each week as we move through the journey. Assignments will be designed to help guide you deeper into inquiry, facilitate the clarity process & create a roadmap to living more intentionally.

  • Connector.

    Private Community

    You will gain lifetime access to a private Facebook group for support, community and sharing what’s coming up for you. We will use our group for the duration of the program and beyond.

  • Connector.


    You will be partnered off at the beginning of the program. This person will be your buddy/accountability partner throughout the course of the journey to share, walk the path together & hold space for each other.

  • Connector.


    Everything being presented to you throughout the program is work I’ve personally done and fine tuned over years of training & 1:1 coaching – you gain access to all of it. This also means I’ll be sharing intimate parts of my own journey with you.

Registration Is Open! We Start October 16th!

Cost:   $333 
Registration Closes:   October 5 at 11pm PST
The journey begins October 16th


Carly Benson, Founder of Miracles Are Brewing

Is a Certified Professional Life Coach specializing in recovery & holistic coaching. She has been sober from alcohol and cocaine since August 17, 2008 and through her own recovery has spent countless hours forging through personal development trainings, books and research.

After taking such a non-traditional route to her own life change, her mission has always been to inspire others to live more intentionally, play bigger & vibe higher by coming alongside them to help them find their own unique paths in her 1:1 coaching practice.

She also earned her 200-hour RYT through the Baptiste Institute and is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with the Beck Institute.

Are you ready to live more out of intention and less out of habit?

Answers To Questions You May Have…

How much does it cost & why?
The cost is $333 until registration closes on 10/5. If you were to work with me 1:1, it would cost double that. The goal of this program is to make coaching available to more people at a lower cost point. I will not be taking any more 1:1 clients on during this program and after that my rates are going up significantly – so this is your opportunity get coaching at a much more affordable price & be involved in a community of people doing it with you.

When does it start?
We begin our first week of the journey on October 16th, which will then take us through November 17th for the full 5 weeks – just in time to set you up for success during the holidays!

What if I decide it’s not for me?
If you decide after the first week that this is not the right program for you, you can receive a full refund no questions asked. So you’ll have until 10/22 to decide if it’s right for you.

What happens when I register?
Once you register you’ll receive a welcome email inviting you to the private group and instructions to help you prepare for our time together.

How do the weekly live sessions work?
All live sessions will be held inside the private Facebook group. They will be done via Facebook Live and you’ll be able to join in while it’s live or tune in anytime after if you can’t make the Live session. Each week will also open up for a Q&A session with me where we will go over any and everything that is coming up for you.

How long will I have access?
All of the weekly sessions and discussions will be available inside of our private group. You’ll have lifetime access to the private group.

Is this program Christian or religious based?
No, the program is more broad and focuses on getting in tune with core values, beliefs and intentions for your life. You can make it anything you choose and as for your faith/prayer/spiritual practices you’ll get to define throughout the program. I will, however, be sharing what has worked for me, which does include my faith.

Will I get 1:1 coaching with Carly?
If you sign up as one of the first 10 people, you will receive one 30-minute private coaching session with me. Outside of this, you’ll have access to me on all our live sessions as well as access via email throughout the program. We will make sure to have all your questions answered as we move through the journey together.

Is this program for sober people only or those looking for sobriety?
This program is completely wide open to absolutely anyone, women and men, who wish to live more intentionally – whether that looks like sobriety, eating better, owning their power, creating a transformative shift and/or stepping into a new way of living life on the next level.

Will it be a large group-coaching program?
This group will be smaller and more intimate so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to make new, long lasting friendships inside the group.

Will this program be offered again?
The intention is to offer this program again, however it may be more digitally based verses a group-coaching format. So, if you want to have the opportunity to partake in the live group coaching being offered in this version, don’t wait! I can’t promise it will be offered in capacity again & if it is, it will be at a higher price point the next time around after the pilot group.

Have other questions or any issues signing up?
Just email: info@MiraclesAreBrewing.com and we will get you squared away.

I choose to live by choice, not by chance. To make changes, not excuses. To be motivated, not manipulated. To be useful, not used. To excel, not compete. I choose self-esteem, not self pity. I choose to listen to my inner voice. I choose to live intentionally.

Registration Is Open Until 10/5