You Are One

Carly BensonRealize0 Comments


When you truly believe in miracles, you start to realize that they are unfolding all around you.  Not just around you, but inside of you.

The fact that your heart is beating all by itself and you are taking air in and out of your lungs right this very second are miracles in and of themselves.  There are hundreds of processes going on inside of your body.

Think about this. As you are having thoughts, your digestive track is moving, blood is flowing through your veins and your organs are working to make sure everything stays at the proper levels.  That is just the tip of the iceberg.  Your cells are multiplying and while you were sleeping your heart beat somewhere near 30,000 times, effortlessly.

When you tap into the miracles that are occurring just within that wonderful body of yours, you begin to realize the beauty of life.  Believe in miracles, because you are one.

Photo Credit –Matthew Hawkins