Change Begins With A Decision. Just Say Yes…

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just say yes

This is your life. The choices you make today will determine your tomorrow. There is no other way to cut it.

Napoleon Hill once said, “Every moment is your next move.” Which essentially means we are constantly making choices and decisions that will further us down our paths. Part of creating a substantial life change is not just  about making choices, but making the right choices.

Let’s be honest. Most of the time when you are making a decision to continue with a bad habit, whatever it may be, you are aware of the ying and the yang that comes along with your choice options. Although, many times we make a choice that goes against our better judgement because it is easier, more convenient, comfortable, or fun.

For me, I knew going out to party every night was not the “right” choice selection. However, I chose it because it was fun, it was easy and I was good at it…exceptionally good, if I might add.

This is similar to how we know when it is time to get out of a relationship that is broken. You know, those big, bright red flags that go up flying up in the air, the doubt that sneaks in and let’s not forget the naggy bickering that almost always seems never-ending. We know long before a relationship comes to a close that we should cut bait much sooner than we actually do, but we often to choose to stay out of comfort, fear, sex or even pride.

My circumstance was no different. I was in a relationship with my drug of choice. It had power over me. I didn’t know life without it. In my case, my excuse to stay was based on fear and familiarity. I was making the choice to continue on a path that was headed no where because my addiction appeared to be more powerful than me.

The easiest way to look at making a change is by realizing you are simply transferring the power from your issue back to yourself.

Here are 4 Steps to Subtly Begin the Shift:

1) Get Serious

A problem is defined as a harmful matter needing to be dealt with or overcome. The first step is to gear up because it’s time for a pow wow and your problem is the guest of honor. What I mean is that it’s time to get intimately familiar with the pressing situation.

Identify the issue.  Write it down or say it out loud if you prefer. Call it out. Just like you would if someone did you wrong. Put your issue on blast. That is the first move you must make towards getting serious. Admit it’s there.

2) Make The Choice

Once you have reached the point where seriousness has set in and you have come the realization that it is necessary to take action, you’re in the perfect position. All you have to do now is: make the choice. Cut and dry.  After all, it is yours to make. It has been your choice the entire time. Make a commitment to the right choice and choose to make a change.

As a side note, you must be ready to make the decision on your own and in your own time. Life change is not something that anyone can force on you or decide for you. Without your commitment,  failure is almost certain.  When you are ready, that is when you are more likely to follow through and be successful.

3) Recognize Your Strength

After the decision has been made, you must recognize you are much stronger than you think. There is a power flowing intensely through your body every second of every day. You are living and breathing. Your heart is beating. Your food is digesting. Your hair is growing and hundreds of processes are taking place inside of you right this very minute.

There is a miracle of life happening inside of you. You are a miracle. That, alone, is powerful.

4) Say Yes

It’s time to harness this power and watch how it will propel you. Say yes to the change. Say yes to the power you have behind you to make it happen. Take your life by the reins and don’t allow your issue you run you in circles any longer.

If I can do it, there is no doubt in my mind that you can too.

The only real question that remains is: Are you ready to say yes to your change?

“The very second we decide to change, the shift begins.” –Gary Loper

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