An Invitation To See & An Interview

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eyes are the windows

I just finished a book and a bible study on Invitations from God by Adele Calhoun.  What a miraculous book! The lessons I’ve learned during this season have been tremendous.

The book teaches us all the invitations we get from God and reminds us of all the ways we can be invited closer to him.

They include an Invitation to: Participate in your own healing, to Follow, to Practice the presence of people, to Rest, to Weep, to Admit I might be wrong, to Forgive, to Wait, to Pray, to Remember and to the Most excellent way.  There were 11 invitations in the book, but for me there were actually 12.

As we were reflecting on the journey, it dawned on me that we all have one invitation from Him at all times.  It hit me like a freight train…the Invitation to SEE.

There are so many things and people surrounding us every single day; every minute for that matter. God is inviting us to SEE everything he has put in our path, now and in the past.

What do you see in your life?

Are you paying attention to the people he has placed right there in front of you?

What do you need to be learning?

Can you see what is truly in your heart?

For me, I saw that he placed me in front of an amazing group of women.  All of which are Christians, believers, followers of Christ, completely down with Jesus.  It was exactly what I needed to see to realize that these strong women were a mirrored reflection of who I aspire to be.

He gave me incredible examples of women who love the Lord.

He helped me to see that it is ok for me to be vulnerable.

To realize that I am not alone.

He has strategically placed every single person in my life to build me up into who I am today and who He has planned for me to be tomorrow. Even those who have hurt me.

I see that in order for Him to effectively direct my life, I have to give it over to Him and trust that He will support me.

I needed to see His faithfulness in my life.  All of the invitations we read about, reminded me that He has been there all along, gently nudging.  Even when I was a hopeless, alcoholic, cokehead, sinner.

It’s important to see His shield and how He has protected me through the years.  In seeing all of the amazing grace He has bestowed on me, I am able to go at life with a new level of confidence.

Sometimes we focus so much on what we don’t see that we can’t see what we should see. In other words, sometimes we focus on all the things we don’t have, that we can’t see all the blessings we DO have.

I am thankful for His invitation to see.  He saved me.  It’s crystal clear.

Because I SEE, I know and I trust.  There is no need to worry.  The person who helps me to see my way is in control.  He is always ahead of me, paving the way.

Realness is seeing life the way it is.  And not only seeing it, but accepting it. When we move to a place of acceptance we can then move into a place of learning and growth as we fill into the space that actually IS right in front of us. It may not be exactly what we wanted or envisioned, but when we see it for what it is, that’s when the miracles happen.

What has He done for you?  Whether you believe in Him or not, what do you need to see?  Who and what is standing in plain sight?

Focus your attention. Listen to the whisper. It’s your guide, your eyes.

While we are on the subject of watching and seeing, please take 15 minutes to check out an interview I recently did at did at Summit Church with the lovely Karen Barrows.  If you’ve been wondering why I’m doing what I’m doing, this is for you.

Note: Please watch with gentle eyes, this is the first time I’ve ever done something like this.  Xo

Miracles are brewing…


Photo Credit: Hellaemo