6 Lessons For Handling Stress

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I’m coming off of a pretty challenging and frustrating week. I didn’t have any thing particularly bad happen, it was more a series of tiny events that just seemed to keep piling on top of me. I had a cold, my sciatica was acting up and from there it just seemed like everything was a stressor. However, I learned some … Read More

A Healthy Habit For Happiness

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Knowing what you want in life is the first step towards reaching what happiness looks like to you. When we learn to say yes when we mean yes and no when we mean no, we begin to build our lives based on our non-negotiables. Giving clarity to what we are willing to compromise on and what we are not is … Read More

11 Ways To Cultivate More Happiness

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People often ask me if I have always been this happy. While it makes me smile to know that people can genuinely see or feel my happiness it wasn’t always so. Not only that, but I definitely still have my days and moments where everything is not unicorns and rainbows. The difference between now and when I used to “think” … Read More

Transformation Starts With A New Beginning

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For many, the start of a new month brings with it the hope for new beginnings. I’ve noticed that it seems to be the time of year for the winds of change to blow. With that, I’m reminded that sometimes we need our worlds to be rocked. We need to be rattled, torn down and we all need to reach … Read More