What Faith Is To Me

Carly BensonSpirituality

faith is, what is faith

Faith, to me, is…

Believing with certainty based on knowledge of the soul, which is beyond the need for physical proof.

Realizing that I don’t have all the answers.

Counting my blessings.

Letting go.

Something extremely unique and individual for everyone.

A treasure that no one can take away from me.

When I don’t allow my wants or desires to be greater than what is best for me.

Believing there is a much higher authority in my life.

Seeing how I am powerless when it comes to things outside my control.

A light in the dark, at the end of the tunnel and to lead the way.

Comfort in the unknown.

Trusting that no matter what happens, it is designed for my greater good.

Recognizing that we are all equal and we all fall short in our own ways.

Knowing that I’m never alone.

Making progress in a world where we can so easily get stuck.

Synchronicity. There is no such thing as coincidence.

Timing. Never early, never late.

Truth. Whether I am ready to face it or not.

Being forgiven for my shortcomings, wrongdoings and imperfectness.

Allowing my heart to be opened…and more importantly changed.

Acknowledging that I desperately need grace every single day.

Willingness to be broken…

And reliance on someone to carry me and rebuild me when I am.

Powerful beyond measure.

It’s a feeling. A deep-rooted, soulful and sensationally chilling feeling.

The absolute belief and expectation that miracles happen.

Humbling myself each day enough to realize I’ll never be perfect, but being willing to try my best anyways.




That voice inside us telling us right from wrong.

A tear dryer and a pain reliever.

Richness that money cannot buy.

Appreciation on the top of the mountain and encouragement in the valley.

Hope in something far greater than anything I could ever imagine.

Knowing that my time on this earth is a fraction of my being.

Doing the right thing not because I am told to but because I want to.

Presenting my problems and issues, sadness, anger, guilt, shame and all things sinful before a heavenly father who is the only one with answers.

A healing experience from the inside out.

A hunger – for more, to be better, to help others.

A divine joy that can only be felt from one source.

Clinging to promises of an eternal life.

Living with intention.

Awareness that life is full of lessons.

And being open to the fact that I am never done learning.

Showing the real me, skeletons and all.

Guidance and correction when I don’t know the way or I am lost.

Slowing down to rest and reflect.

Obedience to my intuition, my gut instincts, the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Strength when I feel like giving up.

Admiration for everything created above, below and around the sun.

Protection from evil or harm.

Motivation to live out my dreams.

Relinquishing the need to try to control.

Caring less about things and more about moments.

An inner relationship that gets stronger the more time I spend IN it and WITH it.

A wisdom that supersedes any book, experience or teaching I could try to gather information from.

Learning to love unconditionally and to BE loved unconditionally.

It is a gift.

It is a miracle.

It is God.

Faith, to me, is everything.