We Do Have A Choice

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Hello beautiful tribe. This message is coming to you from the brand, spanking new MiraclesAreBrewing.com website! Whoop whoop! Give her a test drive, won’t you? I know I’ve been on a bit of a weekly writing hiatus as we fine-tuned the new digs for you, but now it’s onward.

And speaking of onward, I know we have all been on quite a ride lately. Things have seemingly settled down after the uproar in our country, but I believe there is still much work to be done. These times call for all of us to play bigger and to rise up with a lot more kindness and happiness.

Let’s not forget that the most important vote you’ll ever make is the one for YOU. I believe this is the most impactful thing we can do during a time when big changes are at the forefront. Our actions, words and how we touch our corner of the world is our ultimate responsibility.

Let’s spend more time learning to love ourselves and others, scars and all, and to become who we were truly made to be – instead of debating, arguing and politicking.

Being kinder to ourselves helps us to spread that kindness out into the universe. That’s what this world needs more of. A new president, one single person, will not solve what our world needs as a whole – on a mass level. Your kindness and my kindness and OUR kindness is something we have to give out freely right where we are.

Amongst all the chaos, remember at the end of the day – you are most importantly responsible for your kindness and how you treat people, including yourself.

Just as our kindness is a choice, so is our happiness. We do have a choice to be happy.

I used to get into a funk, feel down and think why me. But now I know that all feelings pass and I can make a choice to dwell in them or I can decide to thrive beyond them.

I’m not saying I never feel sad or angry, but I bounce back much faster than I used to. It’s not about being happy all the time, but it is about being able rebound quickly.

You can change your mood by changing your state in a matter of seconds. Next time you feel less than happy, turn on some music, crank up the volume, move your body, dance and put on a smile even if it feels forced – just for now. Do that for five minutes and watch your mood shift.

Our bodies and minds are powerful – use yours to seek happiness and happiness you will find.

I believe these times are a call for us all to play bigger. Are you ready? Because I am. Join me won’t you?

  • Mark Ioli

    love the new website!! goodluck <3