The Moment You Know You Are Ready For Something New

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The moment you know you are ready for something new is pivotal. It’s loud. It’s undeniable. You may hear a whisper about it for a while but eventually it turns into a scream. Sometimes it feels like time freezes briefly as your soul is shaken or cradled. Other times it just becomes an unwavering certainty.

It happens to everyone at some point in life. We come to crossroads where decisions are made and paths are forged. Transformation and change move to the forefront as life evolves and brings us along with it.

Never ignore the scream. Never ignore when something becomes a certainty. Especially when you have prayerfully considered all options and possibilities. When the spirit is speaking, listen intently. It knows well before us what we need to do and where to go.

The day I went sober, I was shaken and rattled to my core. It was so powerful it dropped me to my knees. And in that moment I knew it was time for substantial change. It was the death of the party scene as I knew it and the birth of something much more meaningful.

A gear shifted.

A new world appeared.

Possibilities blossomed open.

A miracle unfolded.

These moments are incredible. They breathe in new life and give us the answers we need, the motivation necessary to transform and the strength to take action. They help us see what is truly possible and give us bravery to let go of things that may be blocking us from reaching our true potential.

Moments of clarity allow us to see ourselves living a new way, holding a new vision and reaching for the happiness we may be missing.

Pay close attention when life speaks to you in it’s wise beauty. These moments are spiritual and run deep. They mold us and shape us as they turn the tides. They are God’s or the universe’s way of communicating directly into our hearts. And this language is much more powerful than our egos that tend to keep us stuck.

When you know better, you do better. As humans we should always be striving to live this way. These moments that unlock a call for newness are our greatest teachers and guides to be better.

There isn’t much to do in these moments other than listen closely and say yes. Once the call for change is accepted, God will provide everything needed to see it through if you focus your faith and trust there.

The moment you know you’re ready for something new can be both scary and exciting. It can seem daunting yet intriguing. It could appear impossible. It could feel devastating. It could even leave you wondering how am I going to do this. But the moment also carries with it the courage, hope and direction we need.

When the moment comes, you just know. They come when a relationship, job, person, place or thing no longer serves us. They are the plot twists of life. They are pieces of our unfolding story that show us when it’s time to let go, move on and take new action.

When these moments strike they are a container for clarity and brilliance. A sweet reminder that you have within you everything you need to do what is next. Don’t resist the intelligence of these moments or delay in making moves on the messages they hold. They glean with truth and kiss your soul with honesty.

Be ready for your moment when it comes. Listen to it. It’s there to guide you home.

Miracles are brewing. Namaste.