The Art of Being Consistent To Consistency

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consistency is key carly benson

Let’s be honest, there are many weeks where I don’t feel like writing because I’m not motivated or inspired. There are many days where I don’t feel like hitting my yoga mat or going for a run. There are times when I don’t feel like eating healthy and I just want to stuff my face with pizza and sweets. There are times in my life when I’ve even considered trading in my sobriety for a cheap thrill. I would be lying if I told you otherwise.

But I can also tell you that the majority of those times, while I may have an internal struggle present, for the most part I push through and remain true to my commitments and what’s important to me. I do this through the art of being consistent. I’ve read tons of books, attended trainings, been coached and have done extensive research on the mastery of personal development. The one thing you’ll see in successful people across the board is their ability to stay consistent no matter how they are feeling or what the circumstances may be.

High achievers follow a theme of consistency in their craft. Research shows that this is what produces the most powerful results. The more consistent you are in developing a routine that works, the greater the results will be. When you find a groove and you get into the flow of it, things can become predictable to a certain degree, which gives you an edge in controlling your outcomes. While this may seem mundane at times, the proof is in the pudding, if you will. You don’t have to be monotonous in every corner of your life, but it’s vital to find the crucial areas where consistency is necessary for success and apply it there.

Consistent by definition is: unchanging in achievement or effect for a period of time. Notice how even the meaning of the word is tied to achievement, which lends itself to success. If you want to be successful, in anything in life, being consistent to consistency is the name of the game. It is what builds habits and the key is to be consistent with  building good habits while busting the bad ones. While we may not realize it, we do express ourselves and what is of importance to us by the choices we make to support our habits. This is why I believe there is an art to being consistent with consistency.

Consistency is the core of any commitment.

If you want to build something long lasting, you must build it with consistency at the foundation. This holds true in business and in relationships. It’s hard to keep trust  in tact without remaining true to your promises and efforts on a reoccurring basis. If you are being inconsistent with someone or something, don’t be surprised if it fails. It is human nature to need stability and dependability to flourish or become something of permanence. If something isn’t working in your life, ask yourself if you have been giving it consistent attention, energy and time. In most cases, failure is simply a lack of consistency.

Consistency offers a way to measure your results.

Without consistency we never give ourselves the time to understand what truly works. If we are always changing our methodology or approach, we can’t gain insight into the long-term sustainability of how we are operating. By being consistent, we allow the routine to take shape and become a machine. Finding what works is the beauty of consistency, which took me a long time to learn. They didn’t come up the saying “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it,” for nothing. When you find what works, stick with it and allow yourself to reap the benefits.

Getting good at something requires consistent work and repetition.

You can’t learn something new or become an expert at anything without these factors. You can’t survive on small spurts of focused attention or consistency that is short lived either if you want to truly succeed at attaining your goals. Generally, when we set a goal, we are pumped in the beginning, but over time if we have not built a consistent practice to keep the momentum going, we find ourselves at a standstill. We see this happen in our relationships also, when we aren’t consistently working together to grow together. This can deflate us and even leave us feeling shameful for not doing what we said we would. It also creates a sense of disappointment for lack of follow through and this can lead to frustration which often further detracts us from reaching our goals. The continuity of staying focused and committed is what will deliver results and keep us from burning out, becoming unmotivated or running out of energy.

Consistency is not only important; it is an absolute must for success.

People always ask me how I’ve been successful with my sobriety as well as with Miracles Are Brewing. Once I became consistent with my efforts, things started to click on all cylinders. It started to flow. I made the commitment to be unwavering to my dedication by being consistent and held the space to see it through. I honor myself by being reliable to myself and others. It is with this consistency that my relationship to self and others has blossomed into something meaningful and sacred while planting the seeds of legacy inside what I’m working towards.

Consistency establishes your creditability and reputation.

It’s what unlocks potential and it builds credibility not only to ourselves but to those who are watching. Reputations and track records are developed around what we repeatedly do. We become reliable and trusted through our consistent actions. People respect someone who does what they say they will do. By being impeccable with our word and keeping our end of the bargain, we put ourselves in another category from most that fall short of this. If you want to dazzle people, show them your ability to deliver with consistency. No one can argue with you when you always walk your talk.

The act of being consistent in our endeavors is the mark of determination. It demonstrates how badly we want something.

Are you willing to give your goals, your business, your lover, your family or what ever it may be that you’re working towards 110% all of the time? Will you do what ever it takes to show up each day no matter what the obstacles are? Are you known for being dependable with your word and careful with your craftsmanship of consistently? Are you being a good steward of your time and your ambitions by following a consistent action plan? Is it important enough to you to continue a routine, system, practice or lifestyle in order to obtain that which you desire? If your answer isn’t yes to these questions, you may need to also ask yourself if what you’re doing is really a fit.

What are you being consistent with in your life?

Pay attention to the things you do on the regular. Ask yourself if those things are truly supporting your goals. If you are consistently being lazy, hitting the snooze button, skipping the gym, partying all the time, eating poorly, procrastinating or hanging around people who aren’t doing much with their life, it may be time to reevaluate what you’re giving priority to. Distractions such as these are always counterproductive to being consistent.

Consistency creates habit. Habits create who we are.

I had to take a look at my habits around partying when I wanted to do better for myself. Let’s face it, partying might be fun for a while, but eventually we realize that the time spent socializing and getting wasted takes away from our true advancement. In fact, it stunts growth and while the memories might be fun, the hangovers and the weight of toxins from substances that accompany them only hinder our success. If you’re constantly trying to catch a buzz, you may find it very difficult to catch your dreams too because your consistency is focused in the wrong direction. Shift your method of consistency to healthy ways of living that will produce results. Build in routines to help you wake up earlier, eat better, get involved in a good community of productive people and make intention-based choices that support your ambitions.

Being consistent shows us what we are passionate about.

If we truly want something with all our heart, we absolutely must pour our all into it by being consistent and precise about our work ethic, discipline and mode of operation. Anything less becomes subject to questioning how badly we want whatever it is we’re after. Because when we are lit up and on fire, we will be motivated to find what works and do it every single day without fail.

When you find something worth working hard for, fighting for and being consistent towards, I would argue that you’ve found your passion, purpose and/or true love. Because when either of these becomes your driving force, you won’t allow anything to get in the way or block you.

I’m all for trying new things and being flexible with approach, but there is definitely something magical inside of doing something consistently. I’m far from a master, but I am working on the art of being consistent in my consistency and I can tell you when you practice this art and you hold yourself to it, things start to open up, results start to pour in and you can feel your momentum building.

Find something that brings you to life and honor it with consistency. Shower it with your undivided attention. Make it your muse. Allow it to show you what you’re made of.

Consistency is at the forefront of success. It is the cornerstone to being who you were meant to be. Be loyal to your consistency and it will show you the true meaning of devotion by rewarding you with success and happiness. Remember, hard work doesn’t work unless you do and the grass is always greener where you water it.