One Practice That Has Kept Me Sober

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When I got sober in 2008, it was hard to rebuild my life at first. Killing bad habits and adjusting your life around the avoidance of them isn’t easy. It is a daily effort in making all the correct choices and no longer allowing the addictions to run your brain. Getting sober is hard work but once you’ve made it … Read More

35 Truths I’ve Discovered In 35 Years

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I recently celebrated my 35th birthday. Naturally, birthdays are a great time for reflection of where we have been and where we desire to go next. It’s the perfect time to take inventory of the important lessons you’ve learned over the past year or maybe even throughout your life. I had a little pow-wow with myself, as I often do, … Read More

20 Lessons I’ve Learned From 20,000 People

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Well, it must be my LUCKY day! I was struggling to write yesterday with everything swirling around in my head about moving and the next chapter of my life, which officially starts tomorrow as I move out of my beloved sanctuary (aka my condo). I’ve been so busy this past week with it all that I slightly lost track of … Read More

33 Things Sobriety Taught Me To Be Thankful For

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Significant life change starts with a simple change of perspective and is sustained through the practice of unconditional gratitude.  -Carly Benson I just got back from an amazing trip to Cabo San Lucas, where I was celebrating my commitment to major life change, exercising constant courage and the anniversary of my retirement from a deep-seeded career in alcohol and cocaine … Read More

6 Steps to Get Back On Track

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I have something I need to get off my chest.  The past few weeks I have been completely sidetracked and have fallen out of my routine.  I’ve felt like my writing wasn’t good enough to post and started to feel like what I was talking about wasn’t relevant. The goal is to get back on track. I took some time … Read More

I Believe…

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Happiness stems from what we believe in.  Believe in yourself.  Believe in love.  Believe in miracles…they are brewing…   I Believe… That people ultimately all want the same things: To feel needed, loved and appreciated. I Believe… That everything we want in life is driven by a feeling it stirs inside of us. It’s always a feeling. I Believe… That … Read More

Honesty Is The Best Policy, Always

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Imagine what your life would be like if lies did not exist.   No one could tell you one and you could only tell the truth to others and more importantly to yourself.  There would be no doubt.  An end to the guessing game.  No such thing as deception.  A world where what you see and what you hear is one … Read More