How To Spring Clean Your Life

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spring clean your life

Last week we talked about living more from intention and less out of habit. I’ve found that one of the best ways to begin living an intention filled life is to clear out everything that weighs us down and to get rid of the junk that often defaults us into our habitual patterns or keeps us stuck. Spring is upon … Read More

Accepting Grace

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accepting grace, pacific beach sunset

When I think about grace it is hard to give it a blanket definition. The more I’ve learned about all the ways grace shows up in life, I’m also still learning how to accept grace in it’s many forms. It got me thinking about what grace is to me. I asked myself what it looks like, where and when it … Read More

33 Things Sobriety Taught Me To Be Thankful For

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carly benson yoga handstand cabo

Significant life change starts with a simple change of perspective and is sustained through the practice of unconditional gratitude.  -Carly Benson I just got back from an amazing trip to Cabo San Lucas, where I was celebrating my commitment to major life change, exercising constant courage and the anniversary of my retirement from a deep-seeded career in alcohol and cocaine … Read More

11 Ways To Cultivate More Happiness

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People often ask me if I have always been this happy. While it makes me smile to know that people can genuinely see or feel my happiness it wasn’t always so. Not only that, but I definitely still have my days and moments where everything is not unicorns and rainbows. The difference between now and when I used to “think” … Read More

6 Steps To Move Forward From Mistakes

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moving forward from mistakes

Every month when the 17th rolls around, I am reminded of the miracle that happened in my life.  It was August 17, 2008 when everything changed.  Some of you know my story and others may not.  This was the day that I shut the door to some of my bad habits and open the door to faith, God and a … Read More