Life Is Always Calling Us To Be Better

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life calls us to be better carly benson miracles are brewing

I’m moving out of the condo I’ve lived in for the past three years and while I want to freak out, back out and, at times, pig out, I can’t help but feel a gentle yet massive pull of excitement behind it all. I realize that life always calls us to be better, to be bigger and to rise to the occasion of change. So, rather than meet this next chapter with fear, I’ve made the decision to meet it with fierce grace and tremendous faith.

I hear from and talk to so many people who feel stuck and unhappy with how their lives are going, what they are doing daily, how they keep feeling unfulfilled and how they are ready for a change. I’ve often been the one actively participating in these conversations with others not only as someone holding space but also as someone coming from that same space.

Moving on or out from our comfort zones is the only real way we can evolve as humans. I think a lot of us, myself included, get stuck and stay stuck because we lean into the comforts of our routines, habits, environments and overall lifestyles, not really realizing we are often fueling our own stagnancy.

While I’m blessed beyond belief and so grateful for my life, since getting sober, change is always something I’ve welcomed and at times even severely craved. I know change is a hard thing for a lot of people and most people run from it. I, too, have avoided changing until life became so uncomfortable that I had to.

To that I’ll say, once I realized I could overcome, change, adapt and become more, it began to keep me stretching and tapping into my ability to figure it out, which helped me learn to be less fearful of it all.

Life is always changing. It’s a fact. So, the more we learn to move with it and trust that things always have a way of working out and teaching us the lessons we need to know, the more we begin to see that change is simply a call to be better.

I just saw a quote that said: “Being on the edge isn’t as safe, but the view is certainly better.” I can’t help but find such wisdom in this.

Comfort is what makes us feel safe, but changing our view, being on the edge and throwing ourselves into the unknown that is often found inside of making a life change, is what makes us evolve and gives us new perspective. Sometimes the trade off from what feels completely safe to what puts us on the edge ends up being the priceless catalyst to help us step further into who we are made to become.

So, the next time the waves of change come crashing into your life, whether welcomed, induced or unexpected, remember that it’s all for your greater good. Life is calling you to be better and giving you the exact experiences that will ultimately grow you, evolve you and bring you into a space that affords you the ability to BECOME, if you let it.

This mindset is a new way to view life change that will dissolve fears and create more happiness in your life. If you can adjust your mentality into welcoming this as work for your evolution, you will experience a shift that will transform how you face and handle the changes of life. I hope this message serves you.