Let Peace Be Your Guide

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As I was watching Joel Osteen a couple weekends ago, he touched on something that really resonated with me. His sermon challenged the audience to see how closely they are listening to the subtle clues that come from within each and everyday. He nailed it when he said, “Let peace be your guide.”

When I think back to all my defining moments in life and really try to remember if I made decisions based on feeling a sense of peace or if I made them based on what my ego wanted, I can see where I chose ego over peace so many times.  One thing is for certain,

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When we go against the grain of our better judgment, when that small voice inside of us is telling us not to do something or to be cautious, but we do it any ways, that’s typically when we get smacked with some sort of drama or trial.

The opposite is true for when we follow our intuition no matter how shiny and bright something may appear. When we turn from things that our spirit is whispering us away from, life becomes easier. We begin to go with the flow instead of fighting to swim against it.

What if we applied this theory to all pieces of our life?

That voice that tells us to wake up earlier and work on our goals.

The voice that tells us not to eat food we know isn’t a healthy choice for us.

The one that says not to get involved in that relationship or opportunity.

That voice that says to slow down and rest or spend time with our family.

It is constantly speaking to us in every facet of our lives. The trick is to get so used to listening to it that you begin to hear it clearly in all situations.

Once you hear it, the next level is to obey it.

What is it telling you?

Are you ready to be obedient to it no matter what it costs you?

And will you listen and obey even if it isn’t what you “want?”

An exercise that helped me to learn this was when I actually sat down and thought of 3-5 things that happened recently that really tested me. When I thought back through each of them, I immediately saw where I chose to move forward when my intuition was telling me not to. The red flags were thrown or there was a sense of uneasiness, but I continued forward anyways.

Each of those instances ended in lessons for me, which were necessary so I don’t view them as mistakes, but had I chose the path that my spirit was leading me towards instead, I may have avoided some uncomfortable situations.

When we let peace be our guide in all our decisions – whether it be daily or life changing – life starts to gel and we move into a zone of operating at a higher level of potential.

If we can move into a practice of peace as our guide, it allows us to focus our attention on our goals, getting to our next level and giving priority to our passions instead of having to solve problems or deal with issues we put ourselves into by not following our peaceful inner guide.

Think of all the possibilities…

How much time have you lost to drama or unneeded turmoil by not following your instincts?

What if you could commit to yourself today to let peace be your guide? You can. And you should.

Follow the path of peace. Your best you is ready to meet you there.