Humble Yourself To Better Yourself

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Sobriety has been a humbling process and has taught me that humility is often the cornerstone to changing your life and becoming a better person. It is said that from humble beginnings come great things and I’ve found this to be so accurate and true.

Last week I spoke in front of a group of amazing young women for Fellowship of Christian Athletes at a local high school in my town. I shared a story about how I overdosed in Miami on a bender laced with every drug I could get my hands on and how I had led a life of toxic decisions before getting sober and finding my spiritual path.

I urged them about the importance of making choices that set them up for a bright future and offered a genuine warning that there is much more to be gained in a life of sobriety than alcohol, drugs or the devil will try to convince them of. 

I showed them the white chip I got when I humbled myself before an AA group and God seven and a half years ago (today) as I admitted I needed help and was ready to surrender to something better than the life I had been living.

One thing I have learned and always try to pass along is that it is always easier to humble yourself with innocence by making a commitment to living a life in the light than it ever will be living a life of bad choices and having to humble yourself in any form of regret later. And if we’re being really honest, this may be a message that everyone needs to hear, not just the young ones.

We all have the ability to start making better choices that truly support our goals, dreams and happiness. Changing your life is always only a decision away. Never be too afraid or proud to humble yourself to better yourself.

“Whoever exalts himself will be humbled. Whoever humbles himself will be exalted.” Matthew 23:12