Honesty Is The Best Policy, Always

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Imagine what your life would be like if lies did not exist.   No one could tell you one and you could only tell the truth to others and more importantly to yourself.  There would be no doubt.  An end to the guessing game.  No such thing as deception.  A world where what you see and what you hear is one hundred percent true.  Its a refreshing series of thoughts isn’t it?

People tell lies for so many reasons.  For ease.  To tell you what you want to hear.  Avoidance of a problem.  And then there are some who are just down right doing it to be sneaky.  Whatever the reason, deception is always fear based.  Fear isn’t real.  It’s an illusion.  Anything that is not love, is fear.

Don’t let fear fool you.  When you lie, you let fear win.  Be honest in your dealings and say yes to love.  Love always prevails, God is love and he is a powerful force to have in your corner.  Tell your truth.  Show your humanity.  People not only appreciate honesty, it is what makes you imperfectly perfect and therefore relatable.

When someone is dishonest with you, understand that they are operating from a place of fear.  It’s a sad place to live.  Rather than be angry, show sympathy for that person.  Why?  Because anyone that is deceptive is actually being deceived themself.  They are deceived by the fear that they let over-power them.  Realize that it is not you that they are lying to.  Instead, it is quite the opposite.  They are lying to themself.

God rewards those who tell their truth.  Whether it be a small truth, like admitting you were speeding when you got pulled over, or a huge truth such as telling your significant other that you cheated.  Own your mistakes.  Speak the truth.  When you step up to the plate to face truth, God will help you hit a home run.

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