Be An Eagle

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I recently went to a singing bowl meditation. Singing bowls are amazing instruments that make beautiful harmonic sounds similar to the sound a wine glass makes when you run your finger around the rim fast enough.

This type of meditation was extremely powerful and fascinating to me. While I was a bit apprehensive that it would actually work because I’ve always struggled with meditation and quieting my mind, I have to say that I was blown away! I experienced the deepest level of mediation I’ve ever gotten into during this session. In my meditation, I kept seeing vivid images of various animals. One that stood out most to me was the eagle.

After the workshop I asked the teacher if that was normal and he informed me it absolutely was. He said a lot of people see colors, animals, numbers or people. He suggested I research the animals I saw to see what their meaning carried. He referred to them as spirit animals or spirit guides that likely hold an important message.

I’ve heard those terms before, but always thought it seemed a little too heady for me. So, if that’s not your cup of tea, you can disregard that language and just take what resonates with you.

Whether I am sold on spirit animals or not, it did deliver a very clear message and the message was:

Be an eagle.

Everyone wants to fly with an eagle. However, most can’t handle the altitude for fear of heights or not being able to handle the pressure up top. Most want to see the world from that angle but lack the strength, perseverance or vision to reach that level.

An eagle isn’t afraid of being alone because it knows its epic nature is what creates its independence and uniqueness. The eagle does not associate with ordinary birds because of the awareness that its depth and magnitude set it apart. It enjoys its solitude knowing that it can thrive the most in an environment that is peaceful, calm and clear. It doesn’t fly in flocks and certainly doesn’t follow one.

The eagle isn’t afraid to leave behind what it knows in order to be elevated. They are leaders. They have a confidence about them that is unmatched. They can go into stealth mode at the drop of a dime. The eagle doesn’t worry about what the others are doing because they are self-sufficient and they don’t rely on others to survive.

Eagles defy gravity. Eagles take action swiftly yet gracefully. They launch into the air by using their gifts and abilities. Eagles take flight regardless of conditions and are not affected by the elements of life.

They see life through different lenses and are wired for adventure, mountaintops and dancing on horizons that are endless. They know no boundaries and therefore they take no shit.

The eagle is fearless and limitless. It spreads its wings and flies knowing the wind will carry it where it needs to go. These majestic creatures live in the clouds, get closest to the sun and are not concerned with lowly places.

Their mission is to go after what they want knowing they are equipped with the precision to snatch it up quickly. They have vision to see things at a high level and can zone in on the important aspects of their aerial view.

Not only that, but eagles are known for being incredibly patient. They may stay perched in one position for extended periods of time as they deliberate on their next move without growing weary.

It takes courage, braveness and boldness to be an eagle. Whenever someone sees one they stop and stare in awe of their beauty and rareness knowing they are a symbol of power, wisdom and nobility.

Eagles are a statement of magnificence. They are respected, admired and show us all what real freedom can look like.

Be an eagle. Take flight. You may fly solo for a while but those who are meant to soar with you or next to you will rise to the occasion. And one day if you’re lucky enough, another one just may come along that will show you parts of the sky you’ve never seen before.