Accepting Grace

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accepting grace, pacific beach sunset

When I think about grace it is hard to give it a blanket definition. The more I’ve learned about all the ways grace shows up in life, I’m also still learning how to accept grace in it’s many forms.

It got me thinking about what grace is to me. I asked myself what it looks like, where and when it happens and how it occurs. I wanted to give it depth so that I could become more aware of how it appears. I also realized that by identifying it and giving it more meaning, it allows me to see how often it comes up and the beauty behind how grace continues to work in my life.

By accepting grace and allowing ourselves to receive more of it, we also begin to understand how to give more grace.

Grace to me is…

The small voice inside you that leads you and guides you.

The cracks in your heart that help you know when you make a mistake or when you need to change something.

It’s the courage that stands behind tough decisions.

The saving magnificence we all have available to us if we just believe in it.

It’s the beauty behind a sunrise or a sunset and how it resembles new beginnings every single day. We always have an opportunity to start over.

A power that is so sweetly ingrained inside of us that can make the worst situation seem comforting.

It’s the backbone to all true forgiveness.

It’s the light at the end of the tunnel.

The cornerstone of two hearts that are in love.

Something we always have to return to if we want to experience more peace.

It’s God given and not something we earn through our good works.

It’s letting go of self righteousness and allowing humility to be more present.

It’s something we can always give and something that can never be taken away.

The faucet to our tears and the tissue to wipe them.

It’s the movement of life.

It gives us wings to fly when we need to see the world and solitude when we need to retreat.

The breath behind taking a stand for yourself with elegance.

It’s kindness from God that is not merited and is made to be shared.

It’s the quiet in the eye of a storm.

A form of patience when you think you can’t travel any further.

The force behind admitting our defects or asking for help.

A form of love in and of itself.

It is being able to be right where we are instead of where we think we should be.

The ability to see the miracles of life as they unfold in front of us.

To hear the melody of nature when we are in it instead of the loudness of life.

It’s being able to tune out the negative and commit to living in the light.

It is the light.

It’s a connection and a feeling that offers belonging, safety and oneness.

The inspiration that is at the center of creativity.

How we put the pieces back together after we’ve been broken.

It’s the open door that comes from a closed one.

It’s the precursor for gratitude, thankfulness and abundance.

The precious lessons we learn in life from ourselves and others as if the were hand wrapped in a special package just for us.

It is the glue that holds relationships together.

The mechanism that helps us to let go of the things not meant for us.

It uncovers our purpose and gives life meaning.

Grace is in everything.

Sometimes we forget to accept grace in all of it’s versions. We can get so caught up in our tangled, messy and complicated webs of life that we often miss seeing it. But it’s always there. It’s always available.

How is grace showing up in your life? Are you accepting the grace you have been given? More importantly, do you know what grace is to you?

By learning how to recognize and accept more grace in our lives, we begin to live more peacefully and love more gracefully.